Chapter 7 – Lilac grounds(1)

They called two cabs and drove off to Lilac grounds.

"Why are we going to the LCG again?"Phil asked.

"Oh I was called by my butler to see some work. He didn't specify anything so I don't really know what it was." Grey said.

"Argh, we didn't get to finish our food. Can you believe those people?" Kyle angrily retorted.

"Ah just forget it. It'll just make the rest of your day bad."

After a short while Alex from the other cab called.

"Hello?"Grey said as he answered the call.

"So what are we going to do there?"Alex asked.

"I was just asked to check some work being done there by my butler.–"

Alex quickly retorted,"Wow a butler. You're so rich now haha."

"You want me to dig you a grave already?"Grey said.

"Hahahaha."he replied.

"What are we gonna do after that. I think your work will not take too long."Nick said.

"I think so too."

"Oh I've got an idea! How about we go explore the Lilac ground
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