Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Where is your sister?" asked my mother as she hardly slammed the door. She was pretty as my sister, she was tall and sexy, very very sexy, you won't imagine her in her age when you see her, well, it's because she bought a lot of cosmetics and medicines to maintain her young and beautiful body, she even inject herself. "What kind of mother is she? Loving herself more than her children!"

She heaved the blanket and grabbed me out of my bed, she held my shoulder and pressed it down. "Where is your sister?" she screeched.

"I don't know," I answered and she plunged her long fingernails on my shoulders, how I wished her nails got cut off, it would be my pleasure seeing her in such pain, "I know she always sneaking around to visit you, so where is she?! Don't f*cking lie to me, idiot!" 

"It hurts, mom," I grumbled when I could feel her fingernails sinking behind my back. She then let me go but she started to get hysterical, she looked at every corner of my wardrobe, and checked every place that a human could possibly fit,  thought that maybe Orhexia was hiding in there. My clothes were floating everywhere, and when she got satisfied with her searching, she finally stopped throwing things.

She turned around at me, and I stepped backward... She walked near me and held my face, "How I wish you are pretty," she groaned and left my room.

Haah! Haah! Haah!

I hurried to my drawer and got my inhaler, I couldn't breathe properly. And when I felt better, I started to whimpered and pick my clothes one by one, putting them back to where they belong. Then as I was fixing my things, I saw my picture with my sister, Orhexia, I sat on the floor and hugged the frame.

"I didn't mean to be mean to you," I whispered.

I had asthma and skin disease, I was like a fish where every spot of my body has a scales; disgusting skin. I'm an ugly duckling while my sister was as beautiful as Aphrodite, she was beautiful than any other girl I saw on TV who were only pretty with their makeups on. That's why our mother was desperate for her, she could gain more penny if she sold my sister. Stupid human trafficking, how could she bear on selling her children? Thinking about it made me thought that I was lucky I wasn't pretty, but being ugly was also hell to me, no one ever wanted to be friends with me, I was like a poop for them, they puke when they saw me. But only my sister accepted me, and she promised to cure me but in her situation, how could she ever find a large penny for my treatment when she couldn't even support herself?


Before I could knock on the door I got startled when it opened before I could touch it.

"Orhexia, you are finally home, you are late, you made me nervous, did something happen? Did your mom and her shadowmen caught you?" Stephanie said immediately as she unlocked the door for me.

"Long story," I answered... "Anyways, I'm glad you come home safe and sound, have you eaten?" she said and I shook my head.

"Okay, I cooked something for you," she said and I sat on the seat immediately and ate the food she prepared like a beggar who didn't eat for a long time.

"Eww, gross, Orhexia, eat properly," said Stephanie, and I chuckled, "I'm sorry, madam," I said and slowly picked the fork and spoon and ate like a queen.

"Hahaha," she laughed and I smirked at her, "How is your business?" I asked and she sat in front of me, put her hands on the table, and lean her head on her palm.

"Well, great, all thanks to you," she said.

"Great then," I said shortly and continued eating.

"You're a liar!" Xhin words were glued on my head and I couldn't sleep, I'm upset and anxious. If I could only find a job in daylight then, it would be easy for me to earn enough money, but my mother's boyfriends would surely catch me, they were everywhere in this city.

My mom was a prostitute, she was selling her body, and that's how I lived, I was born and so do Xhin, and of course, also the others before us. We had a different father, and my mother was selling us like what she did to herself. But I escaped and sadly I couldn't take away my sister, she has a chipped inside her body, just what I had before but I managed to remove it and they couldn't track me. 

My head was aching as I recall how does my mother try to make me a prostitute, how could she create me as her business? Human as a business? How cruel are they... if only I could put them in prison, but I heard their boss has a powerful communion to politics and they were not someone that you should fight with, because they can manipulate everyone with power and riches. I was only lucky that I escaped or else I became deathly inside.

I was busy recollecting the memories that better be disposed of when I remembered what just happened lately, I thought I would end up lifeless, and it was freaking the hell out of me. And...

"Oh, shoot!" I exclaimed and sat on my bed. How could I forget to thank that guy for saving me? That's so unrespectful of me, how could I run away just like that?

I felt embarrassed the whole night and I didn't notice that it was already 5 o'clock in the morning, I just realize it when I heard noises outside.

"Not again," I sighed, I was not sleepimg for almost 24 hours in three days straight.

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