My first class is Literature. Luckily, I’m the first person in class so I don’t have to worry about talking

and exchanging greetings with other students.

Instead, I take out my phone and open my favorite reading app, good novel, and began reading.

I’m trying to emerge myself in my own little world but it seems that won’t be happening any time

soon. Students begin filling the classroom noisily and talking about their summer vacations at

pristine vacation spots.They all have designer bags and shoes and everything on them is screaming

money. I was already starting to feel out of place with my thrift bag and old vans shoe.

My family is no where near poor but I’ve just been called poor in a million different ways.

It’s funny that I begin to laugh to myself quietly.

“I don’t think that’s funny, a bit steamy though.”

I gasp and turn my phone power button off. I was

A blonde guy is leaning over me and looking on my phone.

He’s very good looking. He has a star golden boy vibe around him. And he has the looks of a typical


I’m struck by his appearance that I don’t get the opportunity to scold him for his rudeness.

“Was that an erotic novel you were reading?”

I snap out of my stupor then.

“Sorry, do I know you?” I scowl at him.The audacity to be this rude.

“Let’s not be too feisty, ma belle. Is this seat free? .” He winks and points to an empty seat beside


Why would someone want to sit with a newbie with no friends in an elite school? It’s not like he’s

new either.

“You don’t want me to sit with you?” He feigned being hurt at my skeptical look.

The girl from this morning, the Cheer captain takes the seat beside me. She seems to be obnoxious

to The guy and I.

She’s busy scrolling through Instagram.

“Hey, Janel. The seat is taken. Scram!”

Her name is Janel then.

The girl stood up and gave me a bone chilling glare before moving away to another seat, flipping her

hair in front of Xander. I didn’t even do anything to her. Shouldn’t she be glaring at Xander ?

The latter plumped into the seat, placing his feet clad in a Air Jordans on the desk.

“I’m Xander Crown. Never seen you in Kingsville Academy.

“Yeah I’m new. Name’s Kayla ”

“Kayla, I see. Want to join me for lunch?” He asks.

This is too sudden and out of the blue.

“Umm…I don’t know. I…”

“Won’t fucking be coming,” A deep and hard voice spat out.

The silence that falls on the class at the moment is iconic.

This voice was one I knew too well.

Hunter King.

Yes, the one and only. His family owns the school and his grandfather is the chief director. My Aunt works for his dad as a personal secretary.

Hunter is my arch enemy.

I knew he was a student here but I didn’t expect us to meet in school. I thought he was a senior, and wouldn’t be taking junior classes. Why is here?

King has never failed to show his true feelings for me. He hated me as much as I did.

I hated how everyone idolized him like he was some god. Everyone’s idol.

I didn’t dare turn to look at the devil. I Just gritted my teeth and glared at the desk with my lips


I hate to admit it but I’m too scared to even turn back.That jerk was always out for my blood.

“Stop spoiling my fun, Conrad.” Xander says to Hunter. I’m seems they are friends.

“She’s not your fucking fun.” He says as he grabs my face and lifts it to meet his chilly gaze.

I try to meet his gaze with my own confidence but I’m already shivering in his hold.

Dark black eyes pierce my soul.

“She’s fucking trash.”

My eyes flashed bloody murder. Anger rising in me.No matter how angry I was though, I don’t talk back.

I was actually terrified of him. Through out my whole life since I could remember, Kevin has made it

a point to torment my life. I’ve learnt over the years not to talk back at him since it always results in

my doom. Hunter's word is law here. I learned that the hard way.

The whole room was silent. I could feel everyone’s hateful stare on me.

Of course they’ll hate me if Hunter does.

“She’s one of your dad’s charity cases. Isn’t she ?”A cold female voice asked from the front of the class room. It’s the girl who grabbed me by my shirt this morning, Nella.

His cinnamon and spice scent engulf me as his hands holding my cheeks draws my face closer to his.

It’s close enough that our lips are the tiniest itty bitty distance away from touching. I’m sacred to move even a little. Our lips may touch if i did. He was challenging me in his own way to dare move.

“Why don’t you answer her, sweet heart?” his hot breath spreads across my lips. I’m turning crimson red.

Damn him. It’s like we are kissing but we are not.

I slap his hands away from my face. At this stage, it’s cleared showing that I’m shaken.

Dang it

I was literally shaking in class.

He smirked and strode out of the class like he hadn’t just sealed my fate and wrecked me apart.

I looked up to see the unwelcoming faces of my new classmates and gulped.

The cheerleader who asked the question, Nella smirks at me as she makes the slit throat sign.

She think she has won the battle but now that, King has declared a war, I have to pick my battles. I’m not picking hers.

“If the transfer student is done entertaining the class, I’d like to begin my lesson.” An authoritative voice called out.The whole class turned towards the front of the class.

When did the teacher come in?

And I’m being blamed?

I guess the students really rule the school.

The teacher stood at his desk. He must be in his early fifties. He continues to sneer at me till the class is settled.

“I hope this uncivilized behavior doesn’t occur again. Do you understand me?” he asks me.

“yes sir.” I reply, gritting my teeth,

I couldn’t wait for the day to be over.

“I’m Mr.Quist and I’ll be taking you through Physics this year. Open Chapter One in your PDFs.” He said to the class.

I take out my bag and open my iPad but then I notice Xander staring at me.

"Interesting". We should definitely be friends." He smirked.

I ignored him.

Pushing King to the back of my mind, I concentrated on the class, or at least I did for a moment before his voice, his face, breath and his whole being was all that he was on my mind.

Before I knew it the class was over and I’ve learnt nothing new. I cursed Hunter internally. My first class has already been a disaster thanks to him.

Why could’t he pretend we didn’t know each other?

Always being such a thorn in my life.

That wanker

I picked my bag and got out of the classroom.

Luckily I didn’t meet anyone from chemistry again and all I had were stares, pointing fingers and

snickers as I finished the day and head home.

I went home and when I say home I mean the Kings mansion.

Yes, I live with  Hunter King.

I didn’t stay in the main house where he is but one of the in house workers houses. A two story


Aunt Rosa and i occupied it.

“Aunt Rosa, I’m home.” I announced, although I know she was probably in the mansion or at work.

Being the personal assistant of Mr.Vanderbilt made her as busy as Mr.Vanderbilt if not more.

Our house was cozy and comfy. My aunt wanted to pursue a course in interiors designing but had

later switched up to business.

Aunt had then decided to practice her skills on our interior.

And I absolutely love it.

Our house is a Pinterest dream.

Going into the kitchen, I dropped my bag on the island, fetched a glass of water and began drinking when the front door opened and Aunt Rosa strolled in.

“Aunt Rosa.” I called and run to her giving a hug.

I needed one after today.

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