5. My lips still feel his hardness.

Chapter 5

Merry Mack Jim’s ‘ride with the wind’ plays in her car to make the silence less awkward as she drives us to school. When we got to school, Janel just spat a get out, locked her car and went inside the school building.

Geez… she’s really a stand-off fish. Isn’t she?

Anyway I was grateful to her because  I’d have still been on the road if it wasn’t for her.

“Miss Frisks.” I heard an authoritative voice and turned. Mrs.Masko, the mathematics teacher stood there with a scowlon her face. She really didn’t like me because I wasn’t a grade A mathematics student.

“Are you planning on skipping school Ms frisks ?” her lips thinned and her brows arch up as she questioned me.

No ma’am. I just arrived. I wasn’t planning to ditch school.” I defended myself.

“Oh so you decided to come late just because you felt like? You have detention after school.” She scolds me before going back inside.

Of course I came with Janel but the she didn’t get scolded or get detention. It was only the scholarship student who got treated like this.

Oh come on. This is the first day.” I say to myself.

I heard female voices laughing and whispering to themselves and turned to see some members of the cheer squadhiding behind a car. They had evil smiles on their faces and were giving me smug looks.

They must have told Mrs Masko I was late.

Those bitches.

I gave them the middle finger and went inside.

Eat my unbothered self, haters.

This is senior year. I don’t have to take any of their bullshit. I’m not going to be trampled upon like how they did to me my first year.

I’m a human being with equal rights. I don’t care about their societal status or money.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been silently enduring all their little pranks and ignoring them so they think they’re the boss of me. Oh well, somethings won’t be the same forever. If they bite me, I’ll bite back and make it worse. Not with their little petty games though.

I’m not going to stoop to their level. The teacher is already teaching before I enter the room.

“You’re late. Detention after school.” He says when I see him.

Oh well, I guess he didn’t know that I had detention after school already.

I decide not to let him know I already had detention for my lateness caused by Hunter and the cheer leaders. 

I can serve do the two punishment at once.

“Okay” I agreed to him and went to find an empty place to sit. The only seat available was beside Xander.

At least this time, it’s not with any of those vindictive cheerleaders 

I moved to sit beside him when my eyes met Hunter’s dark chilling ones, daring me to do exactly that.

Where else is he expecting me to sit?

He was sitting directly in front of Xander with Janel beside him.

looked away, unable to meet his eyes any longer.

Xander was really nice to me. Although we weren’t close friends, he was cool and fun to be with.

We would have been great friends if we got to spend more time together or even maybe more than friends.

I genuinely liked him.

But anyway we weren’t ‘great’ friends like i wished since he was always with Hunter and their other friend, Asher .

If I got to sit with him today, it would make the class more pleasant for me. All the teachers seem to hate me and pick on me in class but if I sat with Xander, most teachers assume I’m his friend and let me be.

He was also powerful in school.

Kevin was probably angry because he knew the teachers wouldn’t puck on me if I sat with Xander.

Xander and Hunter were close friends so it was quite surprising I had such a good relationship with him and the exact opposite with Hunter.

I felt happy and comfortable with the arch enemy’s friend. I even had a little crush on Xander.

Hey, he’s a nice guy. I couldn’t help it.

continued moving to the seat beside Xander when out of nowhere someone placed her feet in my way so I end uptripping over it.

It was another cheerleader. Lana’s best friend, Nella. 

I didn’t even see her there. I was too busy being caught up im Hunter’s suffocating eyes.

Squealing, I went tumbling down and reached out to grab onto the nearest thing and not fall. 

Even if it was Hunter’s desk I had to hold. 

I ended up missing it and falling face first into his broad chest. His cinnamon and spice scented cologne engulfs my whole being, making me drunk and dizzy with it. 

His muscles moved beneath my upper body, rubbing his chest against my breasts

I’ve never been this close to him!! 

Can the ground swallow me? I’m about to die Friday embarrassment or maybe fear.

My cheeks were becoming heated. When did it get so hot in here? My face  and neck feels like it’s on fire. hurriedly scramble to get up but my ankle is twisted. I fall back and hit my face against his crotch.

My fore head hit his belt buckle, causing pain to rock my head.

I groaned. Something hard twitched against my lips.

 Oh my God was that his thing?

jerk back so fast and fell down on the floor, where I was supposed to fall at first.

My lips still feel his hardness.

The class began to snicker and laugh at my expense.

There are the ‘slut, pathetic, and stop throwing yourself  at him’ comments too.

covered my now red cheeks with my palm and hurried to my seat beside Xander. I don’t dare look at Hunter’s face to even see his reaction. 

I bet he wants to choke me to death right now, he just wanted to murder me right  here or maybe even take his time to Skin me alive slowly.

I could feel his chilly stare on me as I break out in a cold sweat.

“Nice one there Winnie.” Xander

smirks when I sat beside him .


Is he seriously trying to say he doesn’t know my name? 

Wait a minute…...

I was wearing my panties which had 

Winnie the Pooh on it!!!!!!

Did I flash him when I fell ? What the hell ??

My embarrassment couldn’t get worse. 

Oh Nella, you just made yourself the first target on my revenge list. Pay back is coming. You'd better be prepared.

It took the teacher several minutes to quiet down the students who were busy making jokes and taking jabs at me

"Now if the class clown is done giving the class a show, I'll like to get back to what we were doing before .The teacher said as he frowned at me

I really wasn’t the teachers favorite. Everyone saw what happened. Yet, I’m the one being blamed 

His distaste for me coming out with every word like venom.

 There goes any hope of giving off a good first impression. 

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