6. What a jerk !

"As I was saying before

Ms frisks unmannerly behavior," he fixed his glare on me."

We would be doing the project in groups of two. Let's continue with the pairing. Shall we?" He askedpicking up the register and mentioning names.

“Clara Trumpleton and Asher Castles. You would be taking chapter fourteen of the text book. Nella Silvers and Melle Triton. You have chapter fifteen.

The list went on and on and I was beginning to get anxious. My name had not been mentioned so far  and Hunter’s name had also not been mentioned either.

This shouldn't be what I think it is else I don't know how I was going to do. We possibly can’t work together.

 Sooneveryone's name had been mentioned and I still hadn't been paired. Neither had Kevin. 

"And our last team Kayla Frisks. You're paired with……held my breath. "Xander Crown." Oh I left out my breath with a sigh.

"Relax Winnie. You're with me. You can ease up on that tight fist now". Xander  whispered in my ears, his hot breath tickling the shell of my ear. 

Goose bombs sprang on my arms and I pushed him away. How did he know what I was thinking about 

Was I that obvious ? 

I had been so focused on not getting Hunter as a partner that I had not noticed Xander name was not mentioned either. I was definitely going crazy at this stage.

I looked down at my clenched fist and released it with a sigh, giving my fingers little stretches and massages, calming myself.

I turned to Xander and changed the subject. “What's the work on?" 

“Shakespearean plays. We are doing Othello. This should be interesting."He said looking forward.

I followed his gaze to meet Hunter’s hard eyes on us. I quickly averted my eyes, remembering how good and hard he felt beneath me just a few minutes ago. The memory sent a rush of heat to my cheeks. My cheeks felt like they were on fire. Was I ever going to get rid of it? Ahhh!

Xander leaned in and playfully caressed my hot cheeks.

"You're really cute when blushing."

He said whilst pinching my cheeks. I swatted his hands away like an annoying fly. Geez he could be so annoying.Hunter was so Angry by now I could see his eye twitch.

It’s not my fault Xander is being like that to me. 

"Lets start the work." I said whilst opening the text book in front of us and giving him a glare.

"Ouuu I like it when  girls are acting bossy." He cooed teasingly. Did he want to die?

Before I knew it, the bell had rang for my next class and we were no where near done.

It’s all Xander’s fault because, he kept flirting and teasing me. I was as red as a Cheeto by now. I stood up and began packing my books to leave.

"Come over to my house and let's continue the work after school". He said with mischief in his eyes. 

I’m definitely not going to.

"We can use the school library besides I have detention after school. Remember?" I ask

“ That sucks. You should come to my party on Saturday then.” He smiles at me.

"It Sounds like you’re asking me out at this point". I cock a brow.

“Well, maybe I am? Is it a date then?”

“No. I’m not going on a date with you.” I wanted to go but if it was to his party I wouldn’t be going.

We both knew he would abandon me once I got there and I,ll be left alone, considering I had no other friends.

 Some thing bad would surely happen to me. Xander threw the hardest parties that crowned the school years. His parties weren't famous for nothing though. I heard stories the Monday after at school. Drama always happened and I have a thing for avoiding drama and scandals. I mean, you can’t blame me. I’ve had my own share of those. Something always happened at these parties and I wasn't ready to be the next victim to these blood thirsty kids. No way.

"I’m hurt that you rejected me.” He said stubbornly with a pout.

"We both know why I’m not going ." I countered and turned to leave but instead I slammed into someone. Strong arms grabbed me around the waist as I lost my balance because of my twisted ankle and almost fell.

"It seems you have a fetish for falling into my arms, Kayla. Mmm?". The deep smooth voice I knew too well called out.

"Let go off me. Hunter!" I pulled back from his chest and attempted to loosen his arms from my side.

"I said don't say my name." He growled. His arm syanked me back so that I’m now  flushed against him. My breasts were pressed against his hard chest. I gulped at the fierceness of his voice and tried to squirm free. Wiggling and Writhing against his hold. This proximity was creating weird sensations in my body.

"If you don't stop what you're doing you'll have to take care of this." He said hotly in my ear, grabbing my hips and slamming me against his pelvic. His bulge poked my abdomen. I gasped frozen in spot. He was hard again?

Or was it from before.

Stop thinking such things, Kayla Frisks!

"Good girl. Good kitten" He patted me on my head. Now go wait for me in the parking lot. Don’t play any funny games.I Have something to discuss with our friend here". He nodded at Dylan who was wearing a wide grin. No one had to tell me twice. I took the opportunity and hightailed it out of there, moving out of the classroom as fast as my feet will let me. That was so intense. 

I halted in my tracks, half way to the parking lot 

Wait a damn minute. I’m I really going to wait for him like he ordered me to?

He’ll no. What did he mean by I should wait for him at the parking lot like I'm some dog  to be commanded?

 I scoffed and headed out for my next class. He should stick his stuck up royal decrees far up his ass.

What a jerk!

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