Chapter Seven.


How long has it been since I saw Hunter and Xander on class. They were have both been absent in class, and I was beginning to get worried.

I wasn’t worried over Hunter of course, God forbid I ever do. He could literally disappear from earth for all I care.

Good riddance if you asked me. I was worried about Xander. He was missing too much school work and besides, I have been also struggling to do the project all by myself. I suddenly remembered the words Hunter had said to me before sending me to wait for him me out.

‘I have something to discuss with our friend here.’

I was completing losing my mind. What did that bastard do to Xander?

What did they have to discuss that was taking them away from school for this long? Uhh…

I haven’t seen Hunter too in the mansion off late. Not that I was intentionally trying to spot him or anything.

I would never do that.

I wouldn’t be able to master enough courage to go to the main house to seek him out. I wasn’t that desperate or stupid.

I would never forget the day when Hunter had locked me in their basement for several hours when I’d gone looking for Aunt Rosa in the mansion during middle school.

That kid was sick.

Luckily, Levi had found me after I screamed my voice away for help. He then had the freak grounded after scolding and lecturing him. The bastard wasn’t even sorry for his actions. That was when I still called Mr. King by his first name, Levi, on his insistence. The freak had also made sure I was formal with him by getting rid of any informal relationship we had.

Maybe I should go to Xander’s house to look for him after school. I thought he would come to school today at least since it was Friday and he had a party tomorrow night. I sighed. I decide to go to the washroom before the next class.

I’d think about Xander later. I locked my locker before heading over to the washroom. Two voices were arguing in the washroom. I halted beside the door, not wanting to interrupt them and allow them some privacy. Their voices seemed angry and they were being kind of loud and pretty heated. Maybe I should use another washroom. I turned to leave but the familiarity of a voice stopped me.

“You bitch, stealing my marriage contract. Everything of mine, Why do you keep taking it for yourself? Why are you such a greedy pig? Why can’t you leave what I really want for me? Why come into my life out of nowhere and ruin everything?

“You’re causing a scene and being dramatic. Tone it down. Would you? Someone could overhear you.” The other voice said calmly.

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but those were Lana and Janel respectively, and they weren’t being exactly discreet about it either. If I was seeking revenge against Lana, then I had to know anything that could bring her down.

“I don’t Fucking care, traitor. You deceived me. I have every right to be dramatic. To think I believed you. You’re such a greedy thief.” Lana cried bitterly.

 Did Janel do something to Lana?

Well, obviously, but what?

 “Let’s discuss this later, somewhere else. We are not going to talk about this here.” Janel said dismissively and I heard footsteps leaving. She was coming out of the washroom.

! Crap!

I can’t be seen here. I looked around and spotted the janitors’ closet which happened to be somewhat empty, thank goodness. Hardly had I jumped inside and shut the door before Janel came out. She looked around suspiciously before spotting the locker. She narrowed her eyes at it coming towards me. Shit. This was going to be embarrassing. I’m I even going to give an excuse?

“Where do you think you’re going? We aren’t done. ” Lana’s voice said coming out of the washroom, right behind Janel. Janel gave her a tired look before she gave the closet a glare, turned away and left. I exhaled the breath I didn’t know I was holding. Lana shouted obscenities after her. I flinched. Tears were running down her cheeks and her makeup was smudged, Mascara running down her cheeks. This was a picture of Lana I’ve never seen. I took my phone out and recorded her through the small space in the locker. It may come in handy later, considering she cared so much about her image. I waited till she left and came out of the locker.

“Come to Xander’s party tonight with me.” Janel’s voice said from behind me, causing me to jump.


So she knew someone was in there? She had only pretended to leave so I would come out from hiding. Wasn’t she supposed to accuse me of listening to their conversation though? Why was she inviting me out rather? I was completely caught off guard.


.. What do you mean?” I asked sheepishly with a gaping mouth, turning to look at her.


‘What did you mean? Stop acting daft Kayla!’

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