Her Unloved Mate
Her Unloved Mate
Author: sprachi12

Chapter 1: Losing Everything

Author Note:

Dear Readers,

Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.

The following are my books which are completed until now if interested do give a look over them.

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Chapter 1

Vince’s POV

The sun is setting low in the sky, with the wind blowing ever so slightly through the trees as I watch a couple of wolves tumble and play in the backyard. I sigh and run my fingers through my tousled brown Hair in frustration—It’s not fair! Why didn’t I shapeshift when I turned sixteen? Dang it, why didn’t I shift when I turned twenty-three? 

What makes me so different from them? I always wanted to be an Alpha of my pack, White Moon Pack. But last night, I ended up becoming Omega of the pack, and my eighteen months younger brother became the Alpha.


“Vince, as you know that I am getting old now, and our pack needs a unique and youthful Alpha. As the eldest child of mine, the Alpha title was supposed to pass to you. But I have to think of the Pack and what’s best for them.” He mumbled.

Whatever was going on, whatever he was going to say, I don’t think I would like it. I took a deep 

breath, trying to steady my rapidly beating heart.

“Given the circumstances, I’m passing the title of the new Alpha to Andrew” He said.

I knew this would come someday if I didn’t Shapeshift. After all, a human can’t lead a wolf pack. I thought. 

“A thing like has never happened ever in this pack. I must say that I was displeased at the turn of events. It is a shame coming from  the bloodline family of this pack. An offspring of theirs has failed to shift into his wolf, which only 

indicates that your body is too weak to harbour a wolf. I will not send off this pack lands as tradition demands, and you are my son. Henceforth you are demoted to the Rank of an Omega.”

I felt my whole world crumble under me. An Omega? Can I even be called one? At the very least, I'm no more than a lowly taboo human. This can’t be happening to me; I mumble under my breath as I could feel tears trickling down my face. I cried in shame and pain of being nothing less than a lowly human omega.

My mother placed a comforting hand on my father’s shoulders. Her face was stained with tears; she was crying, but I couldn’t tell if her tears were that of her disappointment in me or if it was out of pity for what I had become. Why me? Oh moon goddess, what offence am I being punished for? Where have I gone wrong?

I needed some time to accept this news. I slowly walk away from them. I need no one to tell me my entire life had just taken a 360-degree turn, with no specific idea of what awaited me. I was aware of what the pack members have in store for me being a human omega. I knew the treatment omegas get in this pack.

“Hey, baby.” There came the sound of my mate, Rachel. She is the daughter of our pack’s beta. 

Well, I don’t recognize her as my mate. It was her to figure it out, and I used to feel the spark all Over my body whenever she touched me. So with or without the wolf. I loved her with my 


She hugged me from the back. I tried my best to wiggle out of her grip, but I didn’t get very far. 

Stupid Beta Strength. When I didn’t answer, she turned me to face her. As soon as our eyes locked, her smile vanished From her face, and her eyes glowed with worry.

“What happened?” Her hands moved to cup my face firmly but gently in her hands. “No one 

makes my mate upset. Whose ass do I have to kick?” She asked; after all, she is the best female Warrior of our pack.

“It doesn’t matter, Rachel.” my voice was thick with emotion, and she hugged me quickly to make me feel good, and it worked. Her hand smooths down my back and she kissed on chest, right above my heart.

“It does matter. It is my duty as mate and future Luna to make my future Alpha feel good.” Her voice was slightly teasing, but she didn’t realize she hit the score spot right on the head. My vision blurs with fresh tears and using every ounce of strength I have; I push her away.

“Then go and make Andrew feel goods. He is the future Alpha now! And now onwards I am an 

Omega.” I yelled and lefther presence. I knew it was not her fault, but I couldn’t control my temper.

I stayed in my room for god knows how long. I recalled everything that happened today and 

thought to apologize to Rachel. I should not have behaved in that way. I started looking for her in 

the pack house because she was not in her room. I heard her moan from Andrew’s room. Maybe My ears are working correctly. And then I heard it again. I touch the doorknob to open the door.

I hope whatever I am thinking is just my imagination—I thought and opened the door. My mate. The one who is supposed to love me for the last five years is butt naked on my brothers bed. Andrew smirked, watching my expression. He was always jealous that I was more perfect than him and was blessed with everything perfect, but never in my life, I think That he would have everything that used to be mine.

“Rachel…” I whispered her name in my shattered voice.

“Did you tell me that I should make Andrew feel good? After all, he is the future alpha now.”

“But…” I tried to speak, but no words came out of my mouth. The last few words that I heard from Her were more painful than the incident I just saw in front of my eyes.

“I, Rachel Jonson, reject you, Vince Cornell as my mate.”, She spat. “I don’t know why the moon Goddess would do such a thing as to pair me with such trash like you. I'm a Beta's daughter, and Born to be Luna and Andrew is going to lead me to the Luna position and keep me happy and satisfied, which you can never do.” She added.

I smiled after listening to her words. I won’t give anyone satisfaction after hurting me. “Thank you.”

“What?” She asked, surprised at my reply.

“Thank you,” I repeated. “You have no idea how happy it makes me that you rejected me. You Have saved me from the misery of being tied to you at the hip because of the stupid mate bond. I deserve much better than you.” I said with resentment in my voice. 

“I, Vince Cornell, first son of Alpha Damien, at this moment accept your rejection,” I muster up the strength in me.

It broke my heart while taking her rejection, but it was better to let go of that relation which is not meant to be mine.


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goodnovel comment avatar
bravo! that’s what I want to a person facing that kind of situation, respect ur self and show them you can do better…
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Rose Petals
Finally. A perfect rejection
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dkdjkancanncakjxcj De Asis
a new experience because in this story it is the guy who is being bullied & an omega.

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