Chapter 9: Might Die

Vince’s POV

“Hurry up; we both have to get cleaned and meet everyone at the table.” Crystal said, breaking the Kiss.

“No...” I quickly shook my head. “No Alpha will like my presence over there. In fact, those alphas who are mated with Omegas don’t bring their mate at the table to save themselves from embarrassment in front of everyone.”

“Who made these stupid and sick rules?” She spat in anger. I dragged her toward my room because I didn’t want anyone to hear our conversation.

Once I made sure that the door is closed. I turned my head toward Crystal. “Werewolf King. Even His mate was Omega. That’s the reason he never takes her to any occasion.” I reasoned out. I wonder how come she doesn’t know anything about werewolves?

“KING. NEVER. TOOK. QUEEN. TO. ANY. OCCASION. BECAUSE. SHE. USED. TO. STAY. SICK. MOST. OF. THE. TIME.” Crystal hissed, stressing at every word. “And he didn’t make these stupid rules.”

“How to do—”

“My parents are close friends of the Omegas working in the Kin
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Jake Adotia
The story is very intriguing...thumbs up
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Maria Aurora McClure
I appreciate it so much that you translated this to English I love it so far!
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Prachi Singh
Thank you ❤

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