Chapter 10: Accept Him For What He Is

Crystal’s POV

There is no way in hell I will risk my mate’s life. I won’t mind accepting him as a human all my life, but I won’t accept anything that could be painful for him. After breakfast, we went back to his room, he wanted to help his omega friends as usual, but I dragged him with me.

“Why did you drag me here?” He whined.

“Because I‘m acting as a Royal and Royal Lycans are ten times more possessive than Alpha Male. So, I've let you stay away from me for long.” I reasoned out, though it was the truth.

Maya was practically nagging to my stay—with our mate.

“Oh yes!” He muttered in understanding the situation.

“Please tell our mate that we are his second chance mate.” Maya whined. “I can’t help you in playing this fake girlfriend thing,”

“By the way, thank you, Crystal. You did something that no one had ever done for me. Not even my ex-mate, Rachel. You stood up for me. No one ever did. Not even my parents from the the moment when they figured it out that I don’t have a wol
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Prachi Singh
Thank you ❤
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Jane Walker
I absolutely love this story, I can’t stop reading it hence the lack of comments, sorry!! It’s fantastic and I seriously can’t put it down! Great work by the author
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Jyotika Mewara
nice part😍🥰

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