Chapter 11: Maya

Vince’s POV

I smiled, looking at Crystal, or should I say Maya, who looked beautiful after her eyes turned golden. I love her casually more than when she wears heavy gowns and jewelry.

“We are not taking any cars.” I reminded her when we were out of the packhouse. I knew many eyes were on Crystal/Maya when we came out, but her full attention was on me. She intertwined our hand and smiled brightly.

“I know, babe,” she said before kissing me on my lips.

We took a cab, and thankfully, the weather was perfect. I had planned to take her to the movies first. She queued for our tickets because the queue of ladies was less compared to man while I decided to buy us popcorn and cold drinks.

While waiting for our order, I looked around and saw two guys standing in the corner looking at the queue. By observing them carefully, I could say that they were werewolves. I followed their eyes, and I Was surprised to see that they were on Crystal/Maya.

Who are they? Why are they keeping an eye on
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now what's the problem with Andrew

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