Chapter 12: Cruel Parent

Crystal’s POV

“WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?” Andrew growled at Vince. “Didn’t you know that there are so many guests in the packhouse? You were supposed to make breakfast and lunch for them. But no! You were having fun while we were eating those shit which other Omegas cooked.”

“It was not my responsibility to cook food. As always, Emma would have prepared the food.”

“From now onwards, you will always cook food for us.” He ordered Vince, while my mate stood there, unaffected. Andrew’s Alpha Aura was not affecting him, he simply shrugged his shoulder after listening to Andrew’s words.

All the wolves were looking at my mate angrily. I can’t stand watching all this. I started releasing my Alpha Aura, making every wolf shudder in fear.

“Guess what? Kiss my ass.” Vince said calmly. “I don’t consider you as my Alpha nor your chosen mate as Luna, so I will be leaving this pack after Luna Ceremony.”

“Do you think you can survive without a pack?”

I saw getting discouraged a little. I quickly
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Aaron Cole
there is so many people revolving around one perspective
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Jyotika Mewara
perfect reply ..vience is really a brave man well awesome fabulous part
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Ayushi Jain
osmmmm part

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