Chapter 6 : The Keeper Of The Gates

"You're not leaving." It's Aziel this time talking beside you, arms crossed over his chest. He does this thing of raising an eyebrow up, almost in a cocky manner that makes your blood boil.

"And why not?"

He shrugs, fabric scrunching from the motion of his lean shoulders. "Because I said so." 

Because he said so?

So what are you now? Some kind of pet dog who has to listen to whatever their owner says?

If he tells you to fetch, does he expect you to follow his orders?

Over my dead body.

After a moment of silence, you decide to push your thoughts to the surface and allow them to be known. 

"And you are?" There's no denying that you're irritated by the response.

Just who does he think he is anyway?

Your mother didn't give birth to you just so anyone could talk in that kind of manner as if they owned you. 

You own yourself after all. 

Lifting one strong eyebrow up, you drag your gaze from his head to toe and then back to meet his eyes.

In the corner, you see Yvon showing a reaction. While she's rendered amused by your reply, the man who goes by the name of Aziel Basileus doesn't seem to find it amusing at all.

"You....don't know who I am?"  Much rather, he sounds confused than ever. 

You roll your eyes to the heavens before grabbing Yvon by the hand, murmuring under your breath so that only she can hear what you're saying. "Take me home this instant."

"Um... Calla I think.." The poor girl can only hang her head down low in what appears to be in shame as you drag her across the room.

By the time you reach your fingers forward to unlock the door, a hand shoots out to circle around your wrist before you can reach for the knob.

You flicker your eyes to the side, realizing that Dyan's the one stopping you. 

"Let go." 

"No can't do." Says the man. When he shakes his head, the ends of his blond hair sways with the motion. 

They're sure testing your patience right now.

The side of your lips pulls back into a snarl. You've remained composed for far too long. 

"Just hear us out first. " Dyan quickly says as he lets go of you to run his fingers across his hair. It's as he knows you'll do something you'll regret later on if he doesn't speak up. 

And he's right.

Lionell nods his head as if to say you should give him a chance to explain. 

If you're being honest with yourself, the only person you can trust in this room would be Lionell. Only because he hasn't shown you any hostility or rude behaviors, unlike the rest. Yvon's the reason why you're here so your faith in her doesn't reach to a hundred percent. 

If she helps you get out of here, however, then you agree to trust her and pretend none of this had ever happened. That's the best offer you can give her.

A minute of silence gets sliced into two having after you've ended your debate.   In the end, you decide to hear him out. 

Letting go of Yvon's arm, you bring your hands up and cross them over your chest while giving Dyan a hard stare. 

The latter throws his hand towards the direction of the man who bit your neck first and says. "That's Prince Aziel Basileus." Next, he gestures towards the man with dimples. "Lionell Draziw, the greatest wizard in the realm. Yvon, and I'm Dyan. The reason why we brought you here is because we think you're in grave danger."

"Danger?" You repeat the word in disbelief. "And what makes you say that?"

"We believe it has something to do with the balance. And also the concept of reproduction." This time the wizard, Lionell, responds. He snaps his fingers in the air and the very same leather book appears in front of him, wide open. "In the past, Lycan's were the protector of the realms. Their agility and incredible strength were the reasons why the gods bestowed them the title as "The Keeper Of The Gates". They were all females. And strong ones, however, one hostile battle caused them to meet their extinction and they were never seen again. It's been a thousand years since the last female Lycan existed. Until now that is." He flickers his crystal eyes to collide with yours as if you prove his point. "And as you probably might know, your offsprings are bound to become ten times more stronger than any regular being regardless of who you're with." 

At the end of Lionell's words, you pinch the bridge of your nose like you're about to have a migraine. "So let me get this straight. I'm the last female Lycan right?"

"That is correct," Lionell confirms so you go on. 

"And what exactly does that have to do with me being in danger, exactly? And you also mentioned something about balance."

"Balance, because your presence alone existing in the human realm is attracting other creatures. Like a magnet."

"What Lionell is trying to say here Calla, is that they're after you and we can't have too many creatures roaming the earth because of you. They have to stay here, where we can keep them under our radar and prevent them from doing things that could bring harm to the other realms." Dyan then flickers his tongue across the bottom of his lip, leaving a glistening effect. "At the same time, we get to protect you too."

"Now you understand why we brought you here, Calla?" Yvon speaks up with a timid tone.

You give all of them the stare of a doubt. "I don't know. I've been living on earth all my life and not once have I ever sensed any danger." It's the truth. You then squint your eyes in suspicion. "How do I know you're not lying though? For all, I know you guys are probably the ones with the devious thoughts."

"As if. " Aziel scoffs so loudly. "If it weren't for my people, I wouldn't even have agreed to the plan of bringing you here in the first place." 

"The guy hates me." You say immediately. "Bring me home and I swear I won't do anything that could attract those creatures you're talking about."

Yvon sighs with a shake of her head. "It's not that easy, Calla. Believe me when I say this. I want you to be safe. You'll be in danger if you continue to stay on earth and losing you is the last thing I'd want."

"But my brothers-"

Lionell cuts you off. "Don't worry about your brothers. They know of the plan and are actually on board with it."

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