Chapter 10 : Break In

Trees surround your environment but that doesn't stop you from running towards the forest. At this rate, it'll take them until daylight for them to find out you've escaped. 

Where do go from here though?

You've thought ahead of that. If a wizard like Lionell exists in this realm, then they're bound to know how to go back to earth.

You give yourself a nod.

Your mission from here on out is to find a wizard. 

A roar. 

And not a pleasant one at that. It's like a wail of a thousand demons. 

The wind blows harsher, stronger, and it's getting colder. When you look up, it's as if the trees are devouring you. You can't see the moon. There's no light and darkness engulfs you. But you can definitely hear something. And whatever that thing is, it's coming closer.

You feel your s

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