Chapter 14 : Awkward Silence

You woke up an hour later. So as you pull yourself up a bit, the sight of the moon comes into display from the window. With squinted eyes, you drag your gaze around the room like you're searching for something. But in reality, you're really not. Suddenly, your body feels light. Which is a good thing. You groan a little, trying to pull all of your consciousness up into the surface. It feels like you've had enough rest already. With fists planted above the bed, you haul yourself up until you're sitting up. Your hair's a mess and you think there's a patch of dried saliva beside your lips. Now that's disgusting. Either way, there's a bathroom for a reason. Yvon brought you some clothes to use. Might as well put them all into good use. Extending your arms, you let out a little groan as you stretch. After long hours spent on walking around, that's one of the best sleep you've ever had in your life. Using your fingers, you drag the stray strands of your hair away and slide out of the mattr

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