Chapter 11 Another Memory


Her slumber was again impeded by the subtle voice calling out to her in her dreams. The goddess advanced towards her, with moves so graceful that she could not find any words to describe them. Above them, the bright moon illuminated their dark surroundings. Apart from Qiwan’s voice, it was completely silent.

Apart from a few reptilian presences in the area, they were alone. Xin Ran knew they were not in the heavens like in her previous dreams, but on a normal place on Earth. But that wasn’t important. 

She needed to know what the goddess had in mind for her and Jing Yue if he was ever the plan.

“Goddess, I met a man called Jing Yue-” she began, but Qiwan waved her hand to cut her short.

“Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Tonight I entered your dreams to tell you, that I will always be around. Do not fret. Hold your head high and believe in yourself.”

“But my memories…”

“Patience, Xin Ran. You are better and stronger than anyone else. You have it in you, my Ran’er.”

She felt a sensation come over her, one that appeared to be a cloud enveloping her mind, and her head throbbed slightly. Something told her she was weary.

“Ran’er, remember my words. When in need, call my name. This time, I award you a token. But only use it when you are in extreme need. My powers in the mortal realm are limited, Ran’er. I hope the heavens will bless you no matter where you go.”

With a snap of her fingers, everything turned dark, and she woke up in cold sweat. However, she realised her dreams were true.

In her pocket, Qiwan’s token remained. It was evidence of a magnificent handiwork, a small wooden tablet with a flower carved on it. She returned the item to her pocket, still wondering what the goddess wanted of her.

Why was she reborn, if not with a task? 

And if he had no connection to her rebirth, why did Jing Yue appear to steal her heart away?


Breakfast was lying on the dining table. She had taken her time to pick out a white suit with a huge ribbon in front, and a matching smart black skirt. Her daily activities had been so natural that for a split second, she didn’t suspect she was Ying Xue.

The showers were much less complex than those which were available at the hospital, and she arrived at the fact that this was because she and Janny weren’t rich. Immediately, her fingers worked themselves to show herself how a quick shower was done. Then, she applied her makeup and bound her hair into a serious ponytail. 

The lady in the mirror smiled back at her, making her wonder if this was how Ying Xue would often dress for work. Somehow, everything had come to her so naturally. As she walked out of the room, she sincerely hoped she was presentable.

“It’s your first day back at work, yet you have to dress so extravagantly?” Janny teased.

She looked down on the plate in front of her. She recognised eggs, sausages and toast in an adorable dish with childish designs. A spoon and fork lay at both sides of the plate, waiting for her to pick them up and devour what was in the plate. Was this meal what Ying Xue liked to eat? With her morning hunger, she was close to salivating at the thought of eating.

Due to that, Xin Ran couldn’t resist scooping the food in front of her into the cutlery provided and taking a bite. She was glad to find that it was delicious!

Janny glanced at her friend, and without saying a word, gestured for her to eat.

With the signal, Xin Ran tucked into the meal, finishing it within minutes.

Janny was unable to believe what she had just seen. When Xin Ran asked for more, the facial expression on Janny’s face gave her away, and Xin Ran realised she had again done something that made others suspect her identity. That was because Ying Xue had never been a breakfast person, and Janny was merely trying her luck. But when Xin Ran asked for another serving, this was completely out of her expectation.

Xin Ran must have been staring for Janny for a very long time because Janny cleared her throat and answered her doubts. 

“Xue Xue, you never enjoyed my cooking like how you did now. Are you sure you are alright? You said too much of this was going to make you fat. You were very weight-conscious.”

She hurriedly smiled to prevent Janny from misunderstanding further.

“I’m not overweight, Janny. Your cooking is splendid. Tell me, what did I eat before for breakfast?”

Janny turned towards the pantry. Of course, Ying Xue would not eat breakfast, but she didn’t want her amnesiac friend to follow in the footsteps of her former self.

“Milk and cereal,” she lied. It then became evident that Janny wasn’t a very good liar, because Xin Ran gazed at her for a very long time, looking uncertain.

“Then why are you giving me such a nutritional breakfast?” Xin Ran queried.

“Er… I just felt like it.” Janny shrugged. “After all, it’s finally the day you are going back to work.” She didn’t know how to tell her that the office would be as silent as a cave today because the others had gone on their trip to Korea.

“That’s very nice of you,” Xin Ran demonstrated her appreciation with a few smiles. “Is there something special about to happen today?”

“I guess not. Jack Shi won’t be around these few days, and a number of our colleagues have gone on leave. It should be an easy day.”

“That’s nice to hear.” She smiled again, making Janny feel uneasy. Her friend was being overly amiable, and she was beginning to notice the distinction between both sides of Ying Xue. But if this meant it would make her happier, then why not?

“So, Janny, tell me more about who I used to be,” Xin Ran nudged her friend as they walked towards the garage. Janny had an old car that she had purchased at a good price as its former owner turned out to be leaving the country for good. However, this vehicle wasn’t suitable for long journeys and hence she did not use it much apart from going to work and to buy groceries.

“Where do I start?” Janny said, turning the key in the ignition. Xin Ran watched Janny toss her straight hair behind her back, looking a bit cute in a messy way as she began to drive.

Xin Ran looked again at the steering wheel. Suddenly, a fuzzy vision returned to her, and she saw a few images that confused her further.

She had been driving when the accident happened. Her body convulsed rapidly, and she struggled to breathe. Sweat pooled around her forehead, streaming down to the sides of her face. While this was happening, Janny attempted to calm her friend.

“Xue Xue, calm down… You’re okay now. It’s over. Relax.”

She fell backwards on her seat, still heaving deep breaths.

“I think I saw a memory, Janny. I saw myself before the accident.”

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