Chapter 15 Facing the Music

Since that incident, she had not seen Jing Yue. She knew that this was just temporary and perhaps there would be chances for them to meet in the future. But even given that possibility, how could she even face him that she had been so needy with him inside the room when she was drunk?

He hadn’t even called her... Wait, he didn’t have her number, either. She crawled out of bed and stared into the mirror watching her disorderly state. 

Perhaps if not for the fire drill that night, she would have made love with Jing Yue and this would have changed his perspective of her. The fire drill had caused them to scatter and run out of the room, forget about the party and assemble outside the building. They were divided after that and she never got to see what expression he had on his face before she left.

And that way, two weeks had passed. There was no mention of Jing Yue since then. 

It was Sunday today. She wouldn’t have much

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