Author: KK


Roars of dragons were shaking the land. The fire was burning everywhere. Smoke covered the whole kingdom making it invisible.

Children were crying, and parents were begging for mercy, but all could be seen was only red and greedy eyes of humans flaring up for the lives of hybrid dragons.




In the middle of every green forest, a large castle was built with dragons portrayed at each corner.

"Your majesty, the situation is getting out of our hands. Humans are killing dragons mercilessly, and we are hopeless." the guardian cried out.

King majestically walked to the side window from where he could see the dead bodies of his people. Those who he had an oath to guard and protect.

King turned and saw his queen coming towards him with a pale face.

"Take care of the castle and dragon stone. We are its protectors, and we can't let those greedy humans take it. If this happened, they will rule everywhere and nature will be imbalanced." King said sternly. Tears rolled down from Queen's pale face.

"I will protect them will all my life." Queen wiped her tears and vowed. Although she was afraid to send her husband to the battlefield, she also had some responsibility towards her kingdom. She was their queen, and at this time she can't be weak.

"Your majesty, there is one solution. If you agree?" The guardian finally spoke.

"Speak!" King ordered 

"Only Lord can save us. Call him." The guardian said, still bowing his head.

"No, he can't. He is the lord, and no one should interrupt him from mediation. Don't let this news enter his ear." King strictly denied and left a long kiss on his Queen's forehead.

King along with The guardian flew in the air to the battlefield.

Their thick and heavy feet landed on the ground with their giant wings flopping.

"Oh look who we have." Linda walked with a dragon sword and stopped opposite King with an evil smile.




Back in the castle, guards were lying dead on the floor. 

Beautiful white curtains were now stained with the thick red blood of dragons. Queen held the velvet box and left the castle from the back door. 

King and Queen's thrones were burnt with their pictures, which were hanging majestically.

Furniture's were kicked off and chandeliers fell on the floor with glass shattered on the white floor. 





In the muddy forest, the queen held her long crimson red gown with one hand and with the other she tightly embraced the velvet box.

She lost her steps and tripped on the floor. A brown velvet box was left from her hand and rolled down.

Leather boots stopped the shinny box and were picked up in cracky dust brown hands.

"Finally I gained what I want, my queen." he laughed showing his sharp fangs.

"You... How could this be possible? You were dead." Queen was more scared now.

"I warned you that I will be back, and look Ethina I am back. Now it is time for you to say goodbye." Loki removed the silver dragon sword and stabbed it in queen hearts.

Blood of Royal Queen flowed in the forest like a stream of water. 

"Ragnar, protect your kingdom." it comes out like a whisper from her mouth and her body turned into green.

But the little whisper reached to someone's ear and his body burnt with rage. Blue-green and yellow flames surrounded him.

"I will mom"..... Protection Status