Chapter 14

I had slept like the dead, only waking to the sound of two unfamiliar feminine voices. Sliding the door to my small sleeping quarters open, I peeked my head from the room. The woman with a permanent sneer on her face, Liliana, was chatting with another woman, one I hadn't seen before. I assumed she was the fifth contestant on our small portion of the train. Her hair was impossibly long and curly, her skin a shade of deep bronze. She looked as though she spent most of her days under the sun. I'd have assumed she worked outside if it weren't for the shimmering crystal necklace that wrapped around her throat. She held the same air of superiority Liliana sported. Whatever conversation they were having halted at my entrance. Two sneers turned on me, and I didn't bother resisting the urge to roll my eyes.  

'Already making enemies, I see.' Rayna yawned, shaking out her fur.  

'I didn't do anything.' I snorted, padding down the hallway to the small bathroo

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Nichola Boyd
and it's chapter 14?! Not too sure that I'll finish but am enjoying it thus far
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Channeling some Hunger games
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Cherie Smith
how do you even make money off this 🤦

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