Chapter 18

I wish I could've said I woke up before I plummeted to my death, but I didn't. I remained awake--if you could call it that, the entire horrific free fall.  

I fell through the air, gravity pulling me down without mercy. Stars danced around my eyes as I flipped, my eyes widening as I watched the vast ocean grow closer and closer. Fear and nausea swirled in my gut, my entire body tingling with that 'free-fall' feeling, the one where your stomach jumps and lodges itself somewhere it shouldn't be. The feeling you get on a roller coaster when you're speeding down a steep slope, the point where everyone puts their hands in the air and screams. 

I've always hated roller coasters, couldn't stand the way they twisted your stomach into knots, or the way the wind battered you senseless. I would have traded this for a million roller coaster rides.  

I wanted to scream, but the wind ripped the sound from my lungs. My mouth hung open; my eyes wide as

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Very Hunger games
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How very game of thrones
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Bella Jersey
I don’t see why you wanta fake their deaths. Why actually go through it? It makes no sense

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