Chapter 210

For the longest time all I could hear was the sound of stone grinding against stone.

There was a painful burn in my lungs, but I didn’t dare exhale. Instead, I held my breath and watched as the corridors around me shifted. Walls slid left and right, forming new pathways that hadn’t existed before. Many changed angles, creating sharp turns that you couldn’t see coming until it was too late.

Some of the windows began to close, melting away as though they’d never been there, while others grew larger. The ones that grew in size turned into arched doorways narrow enough for but one person to slip through.

While the castle itself wasn’t a sentient being, every brick and inch of tiled floor was alive with Dain’s magic. I could feel it’s alluring touch within everything I altered and couldn’t help but smile at how eager it was to please me. Even the paintings responded to my call, changing forms until each one was exactly the same.

The brash strokes of oil paint shimmered as they changed colo
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Roxann Mitchell
love the painting
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Takiva Graham
1 chapter at a time ugh but loving story
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Debbie Proffer
She’s letting him go for good finally now she can win

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