Chapter 211

Nadia launched herself at me, and as she did so, her hair and dress billowed out at her sides. The movement was slow and lazy, almost like she was submerged in water and not hovering a solid three feet in the air. Even though her form was translucent, and she seemed to be neither here nor there, I had a sickening feeling she could still do significant damage if I let her reach me.

Instinct took over, and for once in my life, it wasn’t telling me to run.

I launched the orb in my hand like it were a baseball, and watched as it spiraled through the air, a small halo of light surrounding it. When it hit its mark, square in the center of Nadia’s face, I silently thanked Aidan for teaching me all those years ago. I had hated every second of his baseball phase, but he’d been so passionate about becoming a professional athlete and whisking us away that I couldn’t resist helping him practice. After a dozen scraped knees, a handful of bruises, and one broken arm, we both called it quits.

The in
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it's a bit late now, but she needs to strengthen her mind, Rachel is very open to suggestion
goodnovel comment avatar
C’mon Rachel!! Show Nadia what you’re made of!!! Roll up your sleeves, dig down deep and let her have it!!!!

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