Chapter 213

The elongated claws tipped with old blood were hers. I couldn’t forget the sight of her gnarled fingers, which had once been slender and elegant, even if I tried.

With a loud smack, she flattened her palm against the stone floor. A second arm shot out of the water, followed by another wet smack.

‘That puddle’s not nearly big enough for what she’s trying to do…’ Rayna pointed out, her voice just as sickly as I knew my own would be.

Both of Nadia’s arms were bent at odd angles as they rose from the water, but that was the least disturbing thing I witnessed as this day began to quickly unfold. Next to appear were her eyes, the whites much too large to be considered normal, followed by the jagged slash that was her smile. In the memories I’d seen, her smile had been coy and playful, with the same softness as a flower’s petals. This one was of malice and envy, both deeply disturbing and in dire need of some chapstick.

Her shoulders rose from the water at the same time but were bent awkward
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Amazing loved this chapter!
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Incredible. I held off reading the last few chapters so I could go through the final battle in one session. So worth the wait.
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Really amazing writing, best book I’ve read so far!

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