Epilogue Pt.1

Epilogue – Part One

In every book, in every movie where a great battle is fought and won, they never show what happens after.

I’m not talking about the following weeks or months, but hours and days. I’m talking about when the dust has yet to settle and the ghosts of the dead still linger in the walls, when every gust of wind or insignificant sound sends you freefalling through time. When every shadow bares the face of someone you know—or worse, someone you killed. When all that’s left is this numbing sense of disbelief that tries to trick you into thinking this new reality isn’t real—that it’s all some pitiful hope conjured up by a dying, fear-riddled mind.

According to Dain, it’s a time to mourn what was lost while holding those we love near, a chance to silence the ghosts that haunt us by thinking of the future we’d create. When I asked this question, my mate wasn’t the only one with an opinion. In Apollo’s not so humble words, it’s a time to get absolutely plastered and to celebrat
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Debbie Proffer
This is amazing I love this book. Wonder who the white bull will be taking back. It seems to be aiden.
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Nel Clarke
He could have told her while she was sleeping in his bed the first time, when she thought it was her own.
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Roxann Mitchell
I will be reading this again and again. this book is the only reason I didn't delete this app.

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