Epilogue Pt. 3

I stumbled over my words, forcing them into the space between us where they hovered like a noxious gas. “What—what do you mean? I killed Nadia…I don’t—”

The Moon Goddess cut my rambling short by placing the palm of her hand against my cheek. It was something my mom had done whenever I was upset as a child, and somehow the Moon Goddess’s touch held that same level of comfort.

She smiled sadly, but it was an expression of pure love and understanding.

“Do not punish yourself, daughter. What was left of Nadia’s essence has returned home and rejoined that of her wolf, but her death does not mean Evil is gone from the world. Us celestial beings aren’t allowed to meet our creations, but this situation…it is unique. I’m afraid I cannot tell you much, but there is one who can.”

Jumping at the chance to get some answers, to preserve the peace Dain and the warriors fought so hard for, I asked, “Who? Who can?”

“It is time to awaken, daughter. It’s in the world of the living where you’ll find
Jane Doe

This is the ending to Iridian's Epilogue, but also the beginning to a new journey. The battle between the Light and Dark is never-ending, and as valiantly as Rachel and her friends have fought, their victory has caught the attention of something even worse, something that wants to devour them all. It's times like these that will test the bonds forged and will reveal the motives of those we call friend and foe. Nothing is ever easy, especially when magic is involved but if Rachel has learned one thing, it's that no matter how dark things become, love alone will light the way. Thank you all so, so much for reading.

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How & when will we know when the next book is out? Great story ...️
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Alyssa Lyons
That was definitely that last thing, or should I say person, I expected them to find. Holy shit. Lol, can't wait for book two. Iridian has been one hell of a journey, I can only imagine what the next one will bring. As always, you never cease to amaze me with your work! ...
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What an Epic.logue! Nothing better than leaving the readers wanting more! This book was wonderful, I could definitly picture it as a series
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