Chapter 21

I shifted into my human form, vastly aware that I stood bare in front of the old woman. I began to come forward, to help the woman to her feet, but she elevated a hand and halted me. My underdressed state was the least of my worries as I faced the woman who had somehow survived against the bobcat's attack.

My heart hammered roughly, fear still singing in my veins. The animal could have easily killed me as well, and I had acted without any caution. While I had always been a risk taker, this was entirely new. I wondered what Aidan would say, and knew he would wring me dry for blindly putting myself in danger. Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to regret my hasty, thoughtless action.

"Its bite was poisonous?" I frowned, a sickening feeling swirling in my gut

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Bella Jersey
I would keep the marble a secret for another reason. You let the others know they can fight for it or steal it. I’m also glad she didn’t ask her question right away. She doesn’t have enough information to get answers she seeks

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