Chapter 23

Judging from the lack of sunlight streaming through the rippling folds of the scarlet curtains, I had awoken before the sun began to rise. As soon as my eyes fluttered open, my heartrate increased. Thoughts and wild expectations of what the day would hold raced through my mind. Those who played Iridian in the past had never given more than a few details. No one, other than those who have played, knew what the Iridescent Pack held. 

I hadn't a clue what to expect, but after my encounter in the forest last night, I knew nothing was off the table. As if to remind myself it happened, I dug through the pocket of the shorts I wore and fished out the obsidian marble. I could see a tiny version of my face reflected in its smooth surface, my bright eyes wide and my glossy hair a flaming shade of orange. I looked frazzled and nervous, tired yet awake. I also reached up and grazed the cold stone of the necklace I wore,

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Bella Jersey
We figured that out ourselves. It scares me for safeguards
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ᛋᚫᚺᚱᚫ ᚹᚫᛚᛏᛖᚱᛋ
no rules?? oh the games are gonna be good!

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