Chapter 25

I didn't have time to process the abundance of heated thoughts that ran through my head at the sight of Grandpa Kents box. The shop keeper had chosen that moment to emerge from the back, sending out the fresh scent of burning wood. There were a few smudges of soot on his dark brown skin, but his smile remained radiant. If he noticed the unease on my face, he said nothing.

"See something you like?" He smiled, following my eyes to my Grandpa's box.

I fumbled for my words, trying to sort through the mess my mind had become. The Game Maker had stolen Grandpa's box and made it part of the game, but here it was. It was too easy--far too easy. I knew there had to be something more and yet I couldn't shake the shimmer of hope that I had just won the game. Disappointment followed behind the brief hope I had felt. This entire town was beautiful and I had hardly explored this pack and all it had to offer. I wasn't sure I wanted the game to be over yet.

No, I told myself. W

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Bella Jersey
What are we gonna find when we get to the lake. I do think the box was the wrong choice. I think she should’ve taken her brother’s wolf. Who lock the door? How are we gonna get to lake?

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