Chapter 2 - The New Girl

My first day here in Ravenwood carry on like normal. My classmates are like walking on thin ice whenever they're near me. I'm just glad that they're quite cautious towards me. 'Cause if they're not, then I wouldn't know how to handle it

"Hi, Liliana." I raised an eyebrow because of the sudden greeting from the person sitting in front of me. When I looked at him closely, I realized that he's the person who's stopping that Kyros guy before.

Remember that when I first arrived near the main gate. Yeah, he's that guy. 

"Why did you transfer here?" He asked with curious eyes. I couldn't help but look at his face. His small eyes and bowl cut hairstyle kind of suit the atmosphere around him. I think he's the friendly type. But I'm not here to make friends.

"Why do you care?" I asked back.

"I'm just curious." He said. "You're the first-ever girl that became our classmate." He smiled, which made his eyes look like they disappeared. It is cute, but I don't want to talk to him anymore.

"Almost all of the female students here are in a different class or different grade." He continued, the fact that I'm not interested doesn't seem to bother him at all.

"You look like you came from a rich family. That's why I'm wondering why you ended up in a former all-boys school. I also remember that you said you hate boys." I clenched my fist. Does he not realize that he's making me pissed off?

"Won't your parents get worried about you?" I glared at him.

"Stop talking to me." I slightly raised my voice that brought all of their attention to me.

"Zaki call Kyros for me." His attention was caught by another classmate. I think that classmate is trying to lighten the atmosphere, he noticed that I am indeed pissed.

"I'll talk to you later Lili." He smiled as if nothing happened. Is he dumb? He's already aware of my hatred towards men. Why does he keep on insisting on talking to me? We're not even close for him to call me Lili.

The class continued when the next professor came. The other students kept on talking to me. I ignored them all, I don't need them, I can do all the activities all by myself.

It feels every minute here is forever. So this is how the students feel when they hate studying but they need to go to school to be considered as productive people.

The class dismissal finally came after waiting for like an eternity. I guess I'm not the only one who's excited to go home, all my classmates are gone now. I am the only one left in this classroom, that's because I don't want to go home at the same time as those guys.

I look outside the window when I saw that there are only a few students left, I decided to stand up and now prepared to leave the classroom. But the sudden opening of the door that created a big noise gave me a shock.

"Where is Zaki?" A boy with sparkling bright eyes spoke. I almost got lost in his stare. His eyes are completely different from mine. It is full of life. This is the first time I saw such innocent and pure looking eyes.

I stared at him having no emotion on my face. Then all of a sudden, he began blushing. His face became like a cherry ready to be popped.

"S-Sorry." He stuttered. Then he hurriedly ran away. I couldn't understand why he is sorry?

But then I remembered his face. He is that guy. I think his name is Kyros. The troublemaker who climbed the gate's fence like a monkey.

He's weird. I don't want to be involved with him. He even made a mess here in the classroom! I don't have a choice but to fix the mess he made with the chairs.

After doing that, I took my bag and walked out of the classroom. The fact that I'm good at memorizing directions helps me a lot. I don't want to get lost in this place. I didn't take any detour and quickly made my way to the sharehouse.

But I didn't expect to meet some hindrances near my new home. 

"Lili? You also live here?" The guy with a pretty eye smile asked. I remember that his name is Zaki. Does he also live here?

I don't care about the likes of him, better ignore him, or else I might regret it later. I was planning to walk towards the gate of the Sharehouse as if I didn't hear them call my name, but they pulled me to their side.

"Wha- What the hell?" I got furious. I hate it when boys touch me. It gives me the creeps and I am severely disgusted.

"Those guys, do you see them?" He pointed towards the gate of the sharehouse. There are a bunch of guys with a baseball bat in their hands. They look like they want to fight someone.

"They were beaten up by Kyros. They're kind of an idiot and they might hurt you knowing that you're a student from Ravenwood." Another guy whose name I don't know explained. Do they think that we're in some sort of a drama? What kind of bullshit is that?

"I'm Sanjo by the way." The guy with huge shoulders even reached out his hand. Does he think I'm going to accept that? We're not even friends.

"Explain, why they're waiting near that sharehouse?" I demanded an answer.

"Kyros also lives there." Zaki scratched the back of his head. "We're currently trying to contact him, but he's not answering his phone." I gave them a look of disbelief. 

There's a total of six boys with me right now, and they're scared to fight those guys with baseball bats?

"I don't even know that guy. Why do I have to be involved with his mess?" They looked at each other. They couldn't answer.

I rolled my eyes before walking towards the gate of the sharehouse. The group of boys with baseball bats noticed me and stared at me.

"Do you also live here?" One of them asked. Is he stupid? Why would I be going inside if I don't live there?


"You're pretty." Someone unconsciously said. I already know that. 

"Can I go now?" They noticed the irritation in my voice that made them shy.

I got inside the sharehouse without facing any troubles. See? They're just being dramatic. I almost wasted my time.

"Welcome back Liliana. Do you want something to eat?" I rejected Miss Kyrary's offer and instead I quickly got up the stairs and walked towards my room.

I've been skipping meals since yesterday. I don't have any appetite, maybe that's the reason why I feel tired. I stared at my stuff that is still in the boxes. I don't think I can finish unpacking today.

I threw my body on the bed. I feel like a lot of years are already subtracted from my life. I still can't figure out how I will live from now on. What I hate the most keeps on coming for me.

"Why did you left me behind Mom? I don't want this life anymore." I whispered to the air. Once again, my tears began flowing out of my eyes. I miss my mom.


That's the word that I almost hear from everybody, even my family. Why I ended up being like this? Why I ended up hating boys, treating them as if they were insects. 

I got this childhood trauma. My mom and I got into an accident because of our driver. I was ten years old back then. That driver of ours sold us to some foreigners we don't know to be their sex slave.

I was terrified, but my mom reassured me that there's nothing to worry about. She's sure that dad is already doing his best just to find the both of us. I was hoping for that to happen. I was hoping that my dad will come soon and save us. I wanted to go home safe with mom so bad.

Yet, no one listened to my wish. My mom was killed right in front of me. They're trying to r*pe her, but she keeps on fighting back that they ended killing her. That's the time when I lose all hope, and just wanted to follow my mom.

When they couldn't get what they want from my mom, I got their attention. They also tried to do the same thing they wanted to do to my mom, but the police came with my dad catching his breath.

He was filled with madness. I thought he was going to punch our driver who was there, who saw how they killed my mom without any mercy.

After that, I feel nothing. Only my wrath towards men keeps on surfacing. I hate that I'm scared of them. Now, my dad wants me to study in a school full of men? I'm already making improvements, but because of what he did my hate keeps on growing further.

I became like this because this is the only way I could think to protect myself from them. Now I am once again trapped in a place where I couldn't find an escape.

I've decided, I won't give up here.

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