Chapter 96 - Love and Hate

“I thought you wanted to get along with Tiffany?”

I was dumbfounded after I heard Kyros ask that before I could leave. “What? You saw how she— Do you like her now?” I was pissed. I’m the victim yet it feels like I’m being blamed. “Wait, why do you even like me?”

After I asked that, Kyros couldn’t answer. I don’t know if he chose not to answer or if he just doesn’t have an answer, but either way, I’m not sure about his feelings anymore. “Leave me alone.”

I walked away and didn’t bother listening to whatever he wanted to say— if he will say anything else, but he stood there in silence. “Do you want to meet Silver?” My forehead creased after Kyril greeted me with that. Did he hear my conversation with Kyros? But wait, who’s Silver? I wasn’t even answering yet, but Kyril already pulled me into his car and drove me to their house. When he said silver, he was talking about the white cat that he adopted. I can’t remember the name I gave it, but it wasn’t Silver.

“Oh? Did you think I ch

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