Submerged Land
Submerged Land
Author: Kiraran


Year XX26 when the very first place had disappeared. There was no information about where it went, crashed, or landed. Everyone was perplexed by the mysterious event. A plane that my father, the last member of my family, used to travel to Japan. When word got out that my father's plane had gone missing, I was with my aunt. The mysterious disappearance of the said plane made headlines all over the world. The media was all over it, but they couldn't really go into detail. People tried calling the missing passengers through their phones, but no one would answer.

For years, search parties were held until the government decided to call it a day. It was taking too long, and not a single clue had been discovered. The missing passengers were eventually declared dead.

I couldn't accept the fact that my father was no longer alive, so I took off. Just like my father, I flew to Japan. I was determined to track him down. To look around the city for hints. But just as we passed by the Pacific Ocean, a weird turbulence caught our plane and drove us downward to the sea. I thought for sure that it was over. That I was dead, but when I awoke, I found myself in a submerged land along with my fellow passengers to a place where no one thought that still exists up to this day. A place of myth with a lot of questionable history on its disappearance.

The Lost City of Atlantis.

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