Chapter 6 Job

Chapter 6

"Rachel?" I breathed as I  felt relief washing over me as I gaze upon the blonde haired girl sitting on a white bed with blue line lights on the edges. She was talking to a women wearing a white and blue jumpsuit. When she heard my voice, she looked back and grinned.

"Hey you. Come on in."

I looked puzzled at her cheery attitude. The last time I saw her, she was angry and crying after she lost her unborn child. But looking at her now...she seemed to have recovered from the incident. Or perhaps calmed down a bit. 

I moved and went inside when I felt the burning gaze of Skyr on me. I stood in front of Rachel and gave her an awkward wave of hand. "Hi." I said and bent down to hug her when I saw her making that gesture. "You look well." I said after we parted.

She glanced to the side and smiled. "I can't be a sour puss forever. I mean, in a way I am at fault. I should have become more suspicious when I saw an ad flashing on my phone about a cheap plane ticket. That alone was sketchy enough."

"You can't blame yourself. You were only doing what you think is best for you and your child at that moment." I said. I saw her give me a nod, but it seems like she wasn't bying my words. Then she suddenly shook her head and faced me with a smile. "I'll have my revenge on them someday. For my child and for the others." She said. Her tone giving me chills at the determination of it. Then, as if she finally looked at me fully for the first time as she gave we a once over. Her eyebrow shot up as she fave me a teasing grin. "Look at you though. She said. You got a make over?"

"Yeah." I scratched my head in embarassment. "I am sort of living in this pod organic thingy because I apparently have thispercentage of blood that makes me qulified. And last I heard, so are you."

Rachel chuckled. "Yeah. I heard of that too. They said it was thanks to that that I recovered fast." Then, as if she suddenly remembered something, she clapped her hand once. "Oh, I just remembered. This is Dr. Camille." She gestured to the lasy beside her with the blue and white jumpsuit. She was holding a clipboared to her chest with one hand and the other was in her white fitted lab gown. The girl has a boycut black hair and silver eyes. She offered me a hand that wasn't holding the clipboard for me to shake. I shook hands with her, and Rachel waited after we finished. "Remember that friend that I talked to you about? She's the one that I was suppose to meet." I tilted my head to the side. The girl doesn't seem to be that old. 

"How did you get here?" I asked.

She gave me a small smile. "I was taken from my apartment by...people." She said. "I was thrown into a van. They were wearing dark suits and have black helmets. I didn't know what was going on until...until...these people saved me." She gave skyr a glance and we all turned our attention to him.

Skyr was crossing his arms over his chest. "She was the one who hinted us on your plane."

"I didn't know that Rachel was pregnant. And it did not occured to me since I suddenly became attuned to ideas that I got distracted." She looked at the ground shamefully. "I almost forgot about you."

Rachel place a hand on her arm. "I told you that it was not your fault. I should have fully told you about my situation."

"Her reaction to changes in her brain function is normal. For a few days after you awaken, ideas would make an Atlean like yourself to go mad with ideas." Skyr added. "As for you two" He said as his gaze directed to Rachel and I. "you both will have a balanced awakening since you are freirs. Non freirs cannot awaken their physical abilities that is why it is concentrated on their brain activity."

"Nathalia," Rachel tugged my arm that made me change my attention from Skyr to her. "Did you join them? The Front I mean."


"Front liners. The ones who go out and save people like us." Like us. Right. Apparently I am one of them now. I thought about it.

I glanced at Skyr. "I assume that all freirs join the fronts?" I asked him and saw him nod in confirmation. "It is a dangerous and risky job." I said with a hint of suspicion. "What's the benefit of joining it aside from saving lives? Not all people are saints that they would do it for the goodness of ther hearts."

I saw Skyr smirked briefly at my question. "There are a lot of reason. Some revenge, some for ego, and some for power. But it's true. There are benefits. If your skills will be acknowledge then you can get transfered to a different section with a higher rank if you wish. Even get an audience with our leader to grant you a favor."

I looked to the ground to hide my excitement at the news. There's my chance. If I actually earn the favor of their leader, then maybe I can confirmed if my father is alive? Surely they keep logs of all the citizens in this place.

"I'll join." Rachel said. Her brows creased in determination. "I'll be damned if I don't get my revenge on the government."

Skyr nodded at her. Then his gaze went back to me. "And you?" Instead of using words, I nodded my head. "We'll start tomorrow then."

"Rachel too?" I asked.

"I feel better!" Rachel protested.

"You heard her." Skyr said without any emotion at all. "She feels better." he repeated.

"I just said that!" Rachel said.

"Shouldn't she rest more?"

"She's an Atlantean." Skyr pointed out. "And a freir as well. We recover faster than the rest. One even got his legs amputated and still joined the training the next day."

Rachel and I looked at each other and shared a look of disgust before looking back at the white haired Atlantean. He said it as if it happens all the time. Just what lengths do these people go through? 

A chuckled erupted from doctor Camille. "I believe that as the doctor in this room, I should be the one to express my opinion regarding this matter. Rachel's vitals tells me that she's healthy. More than healthy to join you for your training tomorrow." She said and fixed her look on Skyr. "General Skyr, if you want, these are the result of the test. If anything happens, please do not hesitate to ask the medics."

As Camille and Skyr were talking, Rachel motioned for me to come close so she can whisper in my ears. "He's cute." She says.

My head quickly moved to switch my head from Rachel to Skyr, the emotionless white haired guy with a weird sense of humor the short time that I have been with him. Then I returned my gaze back to Rachel. "You have one weird taste."

"What?" Rachel seemed offended.

"What taste?" Skyr suddenly appeared behind me. I jumped in surprise to see that he and Camille were looking at us. Skyr with a curious look and Camille with an amused smile. When we didn't answer, Skyr seemed to assume things on his own. "Is it the taste of room decor?"

I glared at our soon to be general. "Sir, don't start." I said through gritted teeth.


We soon left the the building to let Rachel rest some more before she will be transferred to her own pod. Skyr and I continued to walk around the section. All the while I kept on asking him about the Atlantean people and how on Earth, literally, people like us with the blood of Atlantean were born.

"Atlantis decided to cut themselves from the surface world when they notice that a people have become wary of them. Atlanteans have always been ahead of time when it comes to economical advances." Skyr started as we continued to pass through the variety of plants all around us. We were currently walking through the sector's park area. The scenery somehow reminds me of those movies with alien like forests. "Earth dwellers started to attack them. Even women and children, because they are afraid of what the Atlanteans could do. However, the Atlanteans knew that the moment they retaliate, then they can potentially annihilate them easily. But they knew that destroying one civilization would only cause more trouble for them as it would make them a target. It's not a problem for them, but it would cause the end of human civilization. Thus, they decided to vanish from the surface world forever."

Skyr continued to talked as I fixed my eyes on a bubbled fruit coming from one of the plants. "The Atlanteans still monitor the surface world. And as a few decade passed and they see no improvement in the human world, they decided to send out a few Atlanteans, disguised as humans, to help improve their way of life. But not enough that they can turn against us." He said. Although I wasn't looking at him, I was still paying attention his story. My gaze was still fixed on the bubble fruit as it wobbled gently from it's weight. "Those same Atlantean people decided to stay and were able to start a family with Earth dwellers. Some of them returned to Altantist with their family. Others stayed." 

The fruit continued to wobble that I got more fascinated and poked it. The bubble broke and I immediately drew my hand back as a gooey liquid not hung on my finger, like snot. "Ugh!" I said in disgused and moved to follow Skyr. All the while shaking my hand to get rid of it. "So, are you one of those family who returned?" I asked. Remembering what I heard from him yesterday about not being born here. With a final flick of my hand I was finally able to get rid of the snot like glue from the bubble plant. Unfortunately, I landed on the boots of our soon to be general. I paled as soon as I saw it, but luckily, Skyr hadn't noticed it yet.

Just then, Skyr stopped and turned to face me. I quickly hid my hands behind my back as I gave him a smile. "You're right. It seems like your memory is good." He says. "And yes. My father brought me here when I was a child. The moment that my mother was killed as the people tried to capture my father and I."

"I'm sorry." I said as sympathetic as I can. "I guess, all of us are a victim to a home we once thought we belong to."

Skyr nodded. "Yes." He says. "But this is our new home. And we all have to do our part in to protect it."

I am not sure about joining the fronts to protect this world. At the moment, I only want to find my father. Maybe I'll have to decide what to do next when I find my father. Or if I find my father. Although my decision wasn't set, I still nodded.

"Come on." Skyr said. "There's plenty of places that you haven't seen yet." He turned as he started to walk again. "Oh, and Miss Nathalia? You should stop touching the plants here. Some of them make a lot of mess. Like the one on my boots."

I suddenly flinched and attempted to make excuses. "I-uhm..."

"It's fine." Skyr said and ushered for me to follow him. "Let's go."

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