Chapter 11 Meeting Fifi

Seeing the reincarnated demi god again - after knowing his identity that is - I couldn't seem to find my own voice. I was nervous and when I looked at Rachel, she was gaping like a fish. She must have been as flustered as I am. I tried to recall what Duncan and Skyr did when they faced him. I gulped and lowered my head as I remembered Duncan and Skyr. "I serve t-"

"No no no. Please." Byron immediately said making me look up at him worriedly. Did I do something wrong? Did I say the wrong words? Byron must have read my expression. "Please. I really am uncomfortable when people treat me like a god. So, unless it's for some official purpose, please just greet me normally." He said. Rachel and I exchanged glances before looking back at him with a nod. Byron grinned in satisfaction. "So, mind telling me why you two are here? Are you guys skipping with your training?" He whispered.

"O-of course not, sir!" Rachel quickly denied. "We have permission to be here."

Byron seemed surprise at this. "Really? That's rare." He paused and ponders a bit. "They should know that I..." He shook his head. "Nevermind. If it's good with your officers then I guess it's fine. Would you two like to accompany me?" He asked. I didn't answered and Rachel glanced at me for help. 

"Lord Byron, we-" 

"Please. Just Byron? I am getting sick of hearing that title." He sighed. "I am just a normal teenage guy. Like you guys." He chuckled. "Well I wouldn't exactly call us normal on Earthland standards with the whole advanced genes or whatever." We wiggled his hands in the air for emphasis. "Tell you what? I'll show you something cool if you accompany me. I am bored as hell. You can even ask me anything." He insisted and still we did not respond. Under the dimly lit room I saw his expression slumped briefly. An expression that I was too familiar with. "Nevermind. I guess you two rather-"

"Sure." I answered without even thinking. I saw Rachel flinched beside me but didn't say anything. Byron looked surprised at my response for a second before he smiled happily. "Great! Come on then. I'll introduce you guys to Fifi!" He said and turned back and started heading towards one of the doors.

"Are you crazy?" Rachel whispered to me as we were a few paces back from the demi god. I know what she means. Accompanying such a high ranking and respectable person like him is a bit...I don't know. I can't find the right words to describe it. But it is close to astounding. But I guess I felt sorry for the guy. He is still just a teen like us. And I could only assume that people treat him strict up-fronts all the time. 

Does he even have friends?

I merely shrugged in response and followed Byron. Rachel coulnd't do anything but follow as well. He lead us through a huge tube like hallway with a metallic platform for us to walk on. It was all made out of glass except for the platform. Nothing but the small bulbs lit the path - just enough for us to see our way.

"Atlanteans sure do like circular things and dily lit facilities." Rachel commented making Byron chuckle. We were walking closely with him now because of our anxiousness and the drop of temperature.

"The design actually has a purpose." Byron says. "Convex design walls are actually good at compressive forces. And you all know we are very deep underwater. To avoid getting crushed under this intense pressure, our walls are circular. It's like the concept of dams. You have that on land, right? Notice how the convex part faces the water? Now imagine if the water flows on the other side or if the dam is straight. The force will convert to tension instead of compression and completely break it." He explained and I was having a hard time grasping the concept. Rachel was looking dizzy as well and it makes me a bit glad that I wasn't the only stupid person in the group. "As for the dim lights, we only use it when our designs are to support viewing the scenery outside. It's because there are creatures out there that are attracted to bright light. We don't want to risk the chance of them attacking our base."

Just as he said it, our surroundings suddenly darkened. The small fishes and sharks suddenly dispursed as if something spooked it. Just then, the sea creature that Skyr previously called the kracken swam past us. Rachel suddenly grabbed my arm and started shivering with fear. I could tell that she wanted to scream but she was just holding it in. Byron didn't seem bothered by it at all. "Rex!" He laughed as the the kracken made a low and loud noise. "It's pretty rare of you to show yourself to visitors. Guys, this is Rex." Byron pointed at the overgrown squid lizard that was studying us with one of it's reptalian eyes. 

"C-Can you talk to it? I mean, are you sure it won't attack us?" Rachel asked nervously and let out a yelp when Rex, the lizard kraken, brushed it's octopud arms on the glass gently as if it was petting us.

Byron saddened a bit at Rachel's question. "I guess you guys heard of my suppose-to-be abilities, huh? Unfortunately, I can only control the water right now. But talking to them is far from it." Byron raised his hand and made a twirling motion. I could fainly see the water twirly around Max's tentacles and it let out a sound.

It was pleased.

"But they do act like they recognize me so I guess I am getting closer to figuring out my other ability." He chuckled sadly and turned to face us. "So much for the reincarnated demi god, right?" He didn't wait for us to response as he immedaitely fixed his attention to Max. "Alright boy, the ladies are scared. I'll play with you later. Right now, we are going to see Fifi." He says and even though he said that he cannot communicate with the sea creatures yet, the kaken seemed to have understood him as it immediately swam away. After it was gone, Byron started moving again.

"Nat?" Rachel asked nervously.


"If Max is this giant Kraken, then what kind of...creature do you think is Fifi?"

"Honestly? I have no idea and I feel like I don't want to know." I answered honestly. Somehow I don't want to know about Fifi anymore. But the demi god seemed excited that I feel like we would upset him if we leave right now. I nudged Rachel to gesture her to follow. She gave me a pleading look, but I simply shook my head and half dragged her forward.

Byron was standing in front of a dark metallic door. He punched in a code and scanned his cuffs. "I have two additional guests." He says and gestured for us to scan ours as well. Once we did, the metallic door slid open to reveal a cynlindrical elevator with white walls. Byron got in and we followed him inside. 

"796-10-332." Byron says the moment the elevator dooor closed. I could feel the elevator moving and it only made my anxiety increase. Rachel shaking beside me is not helping at all. Among us, only Byron seemed relax and he continued to whistle.

What is Fifi? Is Fifi worse than Max? Exactly what type of sea creature is it?

"Lord Byron, -" 

"Please. Just call me Byron."

"Byron...what is Fifi?" I asked hesitantly and I could feel Rachel's grip on my arm was getting tighter. It didn't help that she has Atlantean strength as well. 

"I heared of this giagantic shark that no longer exist. But rumour has it that it still does, but they live somewhere deep within the sea." Rachel gulped as she asked. "Is...Is Fifi one of those? I mean I could only assume. Is Fifi a Meg?"

"I like that!" Byron enthusiastically pointed at her. "You sure are knowledgeable if you know about the Meg. But no. Momo, K**i, and D**o are the Megs. But your guess is good. Try thinking of something older."

As he was talking, Rachel and I pressed ourselves against the cool matellic wall of the elevator as it moves. What he just said - and in a very very casual tone if I may add - was too much for us to process. 


Rachel and I exchanged glances and started laughing nervously. We were gonna die. Maybe not from the sea creatures but from shock. Seeing the Kraken wrecked our nerves, hearing about three megalodons made our knees weak, and now we were about to meet Fifi!!


"By older you mean younger than the Krake - I mean - Max or older than Max?"

"Older. Our scientist were able to recover some fossils and brought it back to life 50 years ago. Sadly they could only find one. And right now, Fifi is my goal. I want to learn how to talk to her properly."

"How do you know that it is a girl?" I asked.

"I don't. It is just a guess. But Fifi is cute so I only assume that it's a girl because she's vrey pretty and gentle." At Byron's description of Fifi, Rachel and I finally relaxed. Cute. He says Fifi is cute. Maybe it is a cute sea creature after all. 

I heard Rachel letting out a sigh of relief while I smiled when I felt my nerves starting to work normally again. There was a light ding and the elevator door slid open. In front of us was a humongous glass dome that was dimly lit by both the indoor lights and the glowing sea anemonies outside. It was actually bright enough that I can see that there is a hole at the center and about one meter below is a pool connected to the water outside. 

"We usually keep the pool close, but I was just heading out to get Fifi some food when I ran into both of you as I was heading back." Byron explained and told us to stay back a little. "I'll introduce you both to Fifi first before you can come close. She's very shy."

I nodded while Rachel beamed eagerly. "I wonder what kind of cute creature is Fifi."

"Maybe a very pretty jellyfish?" I suggested.

"Could be a large seahorse that you can ride!" Rachel whispered excitedly. I have to admit, her suggestion was way better than mine that I actually hope that it was real.

Byron stopped right in front of the pool and cupped his hands into his mouth. "FIFI!" He called out. "COME ON OUT! WE HAVE GUESTS!" He yelled loudly. When there was no response, he started to put two fingers in his mouth and let out a very loud whistle.

We waited. Then I saw bubbles coming from the pool.

"There she is. That's my girl."

Even though it was dark, I saw it. I saw lizard scales reflected by the lights. I feel like blood drained from my face when I realize what Fifi was before she even emerged. Once she did, she stood pretty tall and towered over Byron easily at 4 meters tall. It's rounded fins holding on the floor to keep itself steady. I heard a rattle and I could only assume that Rachel fell on the ground and shivering in fear.

It has a head like an alligator but its jaws were a bit pointed with two of its bottom teeth protruding. It's body...I can only describe that it resembles a seal, but scaley like a lizard. Water dripped from both its snout and body as it emerged from the ocean and was regarding us curiously.

"Guys, meet Fifi!" Byron screamed with joy and hugged the snout of the sea creature as it leveled itself with him. "The one and only Piliosaur."

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