Chapter 12 Voices

What the actual f*ck!?

I knew it. I should have known all along that when a guy gives a kraken and three megalodons a name, then never trust his judgement. Especially when he calls a gigantic pre-historic alligator cute - and names it Fifi. I chuckled silently but without humor. A kraken named Max. Three megs names Momo, Kiki, and Dodo. And now a very 'cute' piliosaur named Fifi. 

All I want to do right now is to punch a nearby wall and hit my head on it for good measure until I bleed to death.

The piliosaur's head was as tall as Byron and I could not see it's lower half to figure out how big it was. But judging from the size of it's head, I could only imagine. Fifi let out an animalistic growl that shocked us all. Byron stepped back while Rachel was now hugging the wall. I, on the other hand, have my back pressed against the wall as my eyes met with Fifi. I might be imagining it but the piliosaur seemed to be studying me. Suddenly it let out a small sound like a whimper and hauled itself up.

"Fifi, you know you can't fit in here!" Byron scolded the overgrown lizard as it kept moving and let out a very loud growl that forced me to cover ears and close my eyes from the intensity of it. The room rattled at the impact and I could faintly hear Byron screaming at it to stop.

 I heard Rachel even screaming my name and whimpering that I got curious and opened my eyes. Once I did, I swallowed air as I came face to face with the piliosaur. It's snout was just inches away from me and all it had to do was reach out and it could swallow me whole. I could already feel it's hot and stinky breath blowing on me. It was letting out a low and slow sound.

"Fifi, no." Byron said calmly this time. "Miss Nathalia, stay calm and don't do anything rash like screaming. It might frighten Fifi."

My hands balled into fist. So he's worried about Fifi? What about me? I am very very frightened right now so thank you, lord Byron, for caring! I wanted to scream at him but I stopped myself and settled on for a nod. Suddenly, Fifi let out a wail and moved it's head towards me. My hands automatically flew in front of me to shield myself from the incoming attack and I closed my eyes again. But instead of feeling sharp teeth bitting off my arms, I felt it rubbing it's reptalian scales gently on my skin. With trembling hands, I opened my eyes.

"No way." Byron whispered. He was already near me as he attempted to hold Fifi back. I looked at Fifi and saw that she was rubbing on my arms affectionately. The skin felt too cool and rough at the touch, and the fact that it's a wild beast didn't help at all as I drew my hands back. Fifi drew it's head back and tilted it's head to the side with a slight whimper. "Wow!" Byron chuckled. "I have never seen Fifi this affectionate to other people before." Byron grinned and patted Fifi's skin. "Nathalia, this is Fifi. And Fifi, this is Nathalia. Well not that you both still need some introduction to be honest."

"A pleasure." I said through gritted teeth as I was still shivering under the gaze of Fifi. Can't this over grown pre-historic lizard look anywhere but me?! "There's Rachel too!" I quickly said so that the attention will switch.

"Oh!" Byron exclaimed as it he just remembered the trembling blonde on the ground. "Hey, Fifi." Byron tapped it's snout to get it's attention. It finally drew it's whole body back in the water so that it can finally look at Byron properly. "This is Rachel. And Rachel, this is my very cute buddy - Fifi!"

"H-Hey there, Fi-" Rachel's greeting was cut off when Fifi roared loud enough that it shook the room. Somehow, the howl's pressence seeped into my mind and translated itself.

"It's not interested in you." I unconsciously said and blinked in surprise at what I just did. Byron seemed amused by it and started to chuckle. "That's one way to put it." He agreed and turned to Rachel with an apologetic look. "No offense, miss Rachel."

"None taken." Rachel squaked while still sitting on the floor.

"Fifi, what's this?" Byron ran towards one of Fifi's fins. There was a large gash on one of it's flippers and was dripping blood on the floor. Byron touched the fin and the howl that Fifi let out seemed painful. It locked gazes with me and whimpered.

I did not know what compelled me to move forward, but I was walking closer to the piliosaur who seemed to be in pain and was asking for assistance. Fifi slowly lowered it's head to my level and, with shaky hands, I willingly touched it. I couldn't believe what I was doing either. A second ago I was scared as hell and now I was willingly touching - petting - this creature.

"Move the flipper." I told Byron. 


"Fifi's flipper. Look under it." I pointed at something protruding under it. Byron finally saw it too and squat just so he could lift the flipper off of the ground. He lifted it up with ease and I have to remind myself that it's his Atlantean strength that's doing the work.

"Shit, Fifi." Byron breathed and I faintly saw removing something from one of it's flipper. Fifi let out a stranggled noise and moved it's flipper away from Byron. But Byron was done with it and examined a long circular tooth. "Fifi, I told you not to pick a fight with Liv! You're too small."

I drew my hands back and looked at Byron. "Hang on. Hold up!" I raised my hands in disbelief at what I just heard. "Did you seriously just said that there's someone bigger than Fifi, who's name is Liv?"

"Yeah." Byron nodded, still looking at at the tooth, which is about the size of a bowling pin. "Fifi, why won't you listen to me? Liv is bad and you should not go and try to make friends with it." Byron scolded it. My mind was still processing the fact that there is a creature out there larger than Fifi and Max. I feel like I am hallucinating because when Fifi whimpered, I kind of thought that it was grumbling at Byron.

"Megalodons?" Words immediately flew from my mouth that I didn't even thought about it. I was confused. Fifi suddenly let out a sound of approval.

"What about Megalodons?" Byrons questioned.

"I...I mean, is Liv a giant megalodon?" I quickly answered even though I was confused of the words popping in my brain without even thinking about it.

"No. Liv is a damn monster. It harrases all the sea creature that it comes into contact with. But maybe..." Byron paused as he tapped his chin with the tooth. "Our megalodons are still young and they do like to swim in uncharted territory. We keep have to keep an eye on them all the time. Fifi doesn't seem like the type to stray that far." The guy was talking about the sea creatures so casually like he was talking about his pet dogs. I exchanged looks with Rachel and saw my expression reflected on her face. "Fifi must have seen the megs getting attacked by Liv and came to help. Fifi has always been very gentle. Isn't that right, Fifi?" Byron cooed and I have to move back as he came to cuddle with Fifi.

I moved back until I stood beside Rachel as we both watched the demigod kissing his pet piliosaur. "He's hot, but he's nuts." Rachel commented and pointed at Byron feeding some sort of jerky to Fifi. "And don't get me started on you, Nat. You're almost as bad as him."

"Why me?"

"You were just getting cozy with Fifi too."

"But it looked like it was cuddling me an it was kind of cu-" I stopped myself before I could finish. Rachel didn't let that slip as she pointed an accusing finger at me. "See? You're just as bad as him! Does having the same brown and white hair and purple eyes come with a crazy scary sea creature sort of fascination? I swear you guys remind me of siblings."

"What siblings?" Byron suddenly appeared behind us as he tilted his head to the side. "Are you telling me that you guys are siblings? But you guys have different surnames." He said. He immediately placed a hand to cover his mouth as he gasped. "Don't tell me you are born from different fath-"

"What? No!" I immediately denied. "Nothing of the sort."

Byron was eyeing us suspiciously. "Riiiggght." He dragged the word out slowly. "I hate to cut this family drama, but apparently we have to return back up. You guys ready?"

"Yes!" Rachel said enthusiastically and ran for the elevator. "Im ready!" She yelled at us. Byron and I chuckled as we followed Rachel inside. Byron paused at the door of the elevator and glanced at Fifi, who was whimpering. Fifi's fins and snout was on the floor as it gazed at Byron. "I'll be back soon, Fifi. Don't you worry. You go and rest up that wound." Then Byron looked back at us. "You guys want to pet Fifi one last time?"

"No, I'm good." I answered.

"I want to keep my hands with me. Thanks." Rachel replied.

"Suit yourself." Byron shrugged and blew Fifi one last kiss before he closed the door. But just before it shut, I heard a slight growl from Fifi.

'Until next time, masters.' 

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