Chapter 13 Familiar Face

"Miss Nathalia, I have to say that I am impressed." Byron says as we exited the elevator. "Fifi is never that friendly to anyone besides me."

"Maybe Fifi just thought that I was better looking than her." I pointed at Rachel, who slapped my hand away. "Sorry if I can't relate to people who have this weird fetish over sea monsters."

"Hey!" Byron seemed offended. "Fifi may be a sea monster but she is a very gentle creature!"

I have to admit that I somehow admire how relaxed Rachel was when she's talking to Byron. She even dismissed his argument with a wave of her hand. "Well I do have another theory. Fifi likes people with the same features as lord Byron." Rachel said making me give her a pointed look.

"Really?" Bryon stopped walking just so he could turn to face me. He inched his face closer to my face. The moment that he did, I saw my familiar purple eyes in Byron's eyes. "Wow. We do share the same features." Byron mumbled as he continued to observe my face. He leaned back and placed both hands on his hips as he smiled mischievously. "Now I know who to call to become my substitute when I want to relax!" He joked and started laughing.

For some reason I feel like he is actually going to make us switch places one day. I better prep myself for that.

"Lord Byron!"

Byron hissed when someone called out to him. Footsteps echoed in the vast hallway as three men made their way towards us. Two of them seemed young while the one who was walking at the front already looked like a middle aged man. That, or his hair is naturally white.

"Lord Byron, you know that you are not allowed to see others when you are training." The middle aged man scolded him. Byron's gaze was cast on the floor as he scratched his chin.

"Hazhar, it's not a big deal. I swear that I am trying my best. I just can't seem to grasp the concept!"

"Then I guess that you need to focus more, lord Byron." Hazhar told him and his gaze switched to us. "No need to concern yourself with others. Especially these new reds, who doesn't value their training time. How did they even get here and past the security?"

"Sir." I answered and made a slight bow. "We-"

"Young lady, if you paid any attention to your lessons then you should know that you should fist your right hand and touch it to your left shoulder. Make sure that your right elblow is aligned with your right!" His voice was deep and commander. And yet insulting.

I fought the urge to roll my eyes as I followed his instruction. "Sir, with all due respect we were allowed to be here."

"By who?"

"By commander..." I started to say but the name won't leave my tongue. It was like I remembered it but my mind won't register. I looked at Rachel for help. It was the same as her. She could not say the name.

"Young lady?" Hazhar waited impatiently with a raised brow.

"I-I'm sorry I could not remember."

"Show me your cuff." He ordered. I offered him my cuff and he grabbed it and did some tinkering. I saw a few foreign language flashing on the cuff and Hazhar pressed and swiped at the air. "I see. Commander Marvin." He nodded. "I'll have to check on him to see why he allowed access here when he know that this is where lord Byron usually trains. Let's see. Nathalia Trayce and Rachel Howard." He glanced at both of us. "I see some high ranking freirs." He commented and looked at the two men who came with him. "Escort Lord Byron out. It is time for his testing."

Byron groaned as the two men escorted him. "Sorry guys. I'll see you next time." He says with a wave. Once he was gone, Hazhar returned his attention back to us. "I undertsand that you two are still new and are not aware of the importance of lord Byron's training. But I do want to suggest that you maintain a distance from him." He said firmly. "He is young but he is the demigod from the prophecy. It is important for him to fully awaken all his gift in order to ensure our survival and protection. He may even be the key to ending this war. I am not saying that you should completely avoid him. Just give him enough space for him to be able to fulfill his destiny."

"Y-yes, sir." Rachel answered for us when I did not reply. I was thinkinh about Byron and how strict has he been living his whole life just because he's the demigod of a stupid prophecy. But I kept my face straight that I gave a short nod of understanding.

"Good. As you were, ladies. I expect a lot from you two in the future." He said before he started to head out as well. 


"Poor, Byron." Rachel said. We were now out of the oceanary and were walking aimlessly along a path. Going back won't even be a problem because we can see the tallest pod from where we are now. We can simply follow it later. "Now I know why he is too friendly to people and beasts. He doesn't have any friends!"

"Shh!" I chatised her. "Your voice is too loud. People might hear you. People or drones. Pick your poison."

"Ah! Screw the them. Are you really going to let this go?"

"Are you?" I questioned her. "If Byron is the key to stop this war between the Atlanteans and the land dwellers then who are we to stop him? I mean, I don't like wars but I think it is ridiculous to put all that pressure to one teenager."

"I know!" Rachel agreed. "I mean, yeah I want revenge as well." She touched her now flat belly and gritted her teeth. "I want to make them pay then end the war. I hope no one suffers like we did."

"Ditto." I nodded.

Suddenly, people started to run past us and towards the opposite direction. Drones followed them as they ran. "Emergency! Please excuse us." They said as they continued to run. There were a lot of them that I was starting to worry. Was there an accident?

I looked at Rachel to see that we both have the same idea. With a nod, we followed them and ended up at the spot where we first entered. We gasped as we saw the bloodied mess before us. There were at least five laying on the ground.  Three of them I assume are the new ones because of the white hospital clothes that they are wearing. They were shaking and hugging their knees. The two were Atlanteans and one of them was Jack while the other was unknown to me. Jack has a large gash on his shoulder than ran to his opposite hip. Emily and Watson were at his side and kept him steady as the medics treathed him.

"Clear out!" It was Skyr. His hair was a bloodied mess but he was fine. Bruised but alive. "Give them some space!"

Emily and Watson had to back away when Jack was hauled onto a hovering stretcher. I made my way towards them. "What happened out there?" I dared to ask, which was not the appropriate time - I know.

Fortunately, Watson answered me. "It was all a trap." Watson whispered. "They locked them up and used them as bait for us." He gestured towards the people behind Skyr, who looked like us when we first came here, which wasn't that long. "We were betrayed by one of our kin. They sold us out! Now, our number are reduced. And Jack...he's lucky that he's alive." It was already more than I could ask so I did not pry more. I simply watched as the medics did their work to assist and tend their wounds. I saw one of the people on the floor. It was a boy with blonde hair that ends at his chin. The upper portion was tied to keep it away from his face. The way that he was moving was somehow familiar that I could not help but move closer and closer to him. He must have sense me approaching him because he looked up and our eyes met.

No way. I held in my gasped as I stared at the familiar gray orbs and dimpled cheeks as he smirked at me.

It was my old former friend. Trei.

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