57. Uninvited.

Dawn settles above us now, casting an angelic glow across Seraphine's features. Soft amber light catches her emerald hair and creatures littke golden streaks. Perfection. Absolutely otherworldly. Even in her pajama pants and hoodie she looks ravishing. I can't help sigh in content as we walk together, bellies full of human food and bodies full of energy. Mine coming alive since feeding from Sera. I'm also admittedly a little full of myself. Now that the initial panic of Sera leaving me has been resolved, I let myself feel smug at her blatant display of jealousy earlier.

         We are both nervous for what will soon transpire. Now though, I understand how much my words had stung her. If I were on my own right now, I'd be a mad man. Having her at my side and knowing that she believes in me is what keeps me motivated. I only hope that my jabs earlier didn't take the wind from her

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