60. Mortala.

   *Seraphine's POV *

          I can hardly believe my eyes as Samael steps before me, blocking me from view and harm. Grief practically emanates from his pores. That's when it clicks. Mom. Despite all of his sins against her, he still loved my mother. But he has never loved me, has he? Why start now? He could never stand to be near me, and over the years I had stopped trying to make him bond with me. I don't quite know what to say to him, how to thank him or if I should, so I just hug him from behind. His arms shoot up in defense, and he stiffens for a moment to glance back at me. He reaches across his opposite shoulder to tap my head.

         "Ivara loved you. She always did, even before she knew you." He stalls for a second, knowing that we are safe with Narius charging. He will have their attention for a moment. "You are an alright kid." I squeeze

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