63. Family.

  The past couple months have flown by. After leaving Ezekiel's home, we came back to mine with the agreement we would visit him weekly. I wasn't sure he was going to miss most, Seraphine or Axar. Or even me. He has gotten noticeably closer to me the past few weeks, even coming to visit us instead and helping with the nursery. Often he would mess with Axar and swat a nail straight through the wall with his hand.

           Seraphine continues struggling to adjust to her limitations.  She often becomes aggressive after being denied the ability to mop for the third time in a day or being told not to raise the furniture up to check beneath it. She has removed every speck of dirt or lint that could have existed here. She's also removed half the food, constantly starving and never quite full enough. Her stomach has doubled now and she's quite uncomfortable.

Several times we have taken her into the city to

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