Chapter 4

       Winter was so amazed at how big Cheryl's house was.She'd gone to some people's houses when tutoring them but this was by far the most fancy and biggest house she'd been in.Cheryl smiled,we're gonna be late for the party if you keep staring around like that,”she said.“Forget the party for a minute,your house is paradise.Why didn't you tell me you secretive bitch?”Winter asked awed by the sight.“Stoooop,lets go to my room.We really don't wanna be late for the party,”she said laughing starting to pull her to the staircase.

      “What party?”her mum said emerging.“Oooh hi Mrs.Jones,”Winter greated nervously.“Hi Winter,I am glad you came by.Now what party Cherry?”her mum asked again.“Mum you have got to stop calling me Cherry,I don't like it,”Cheryl complained

      Her mum smiled.“Honey,its an addictive behaviour.I need help to stop.Now for the love of God,what party?”she asked again.“Friends of ours are having a smal

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