Chapter 6

Cheryl and Winter were walking to class together."I didn't know you were into girls.Do you even like Cami? Does she like you? Are you officially a couple now?Do your parents know you are gay?"she asked excitedly.Winter smiled opening her locker."I can only answer one question at a time,"she said before Cami closed her locker furiously causing people to turn their attention to them."Why are you telling people that I am gay?"she asked hotly."I..I didn't tell anyo..."she stammered obviously shocked."You kissed me at that party and took advantage of me when I was drunk.I am not into girls,"she said then held her against the locker roughly.

Cheryl pushed her away."Get your dirty delusional hands off my bestfriend,"she said angrily.By now a group of students had already gathered to look as the events transpired."Who do you think you are to co..."she was saying."I was in that party.I saw you kissing her with just as much passion.And I am not the only one who saw you,"she said. Cami p

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