Chapter 7

      They sat in the principle's office.“She started it,”Cami said.Ofcourse she would say that.“You attacked me.Did you expect me to sit there like some defenceless fool,”Cheryl said angrily.“Heey watch your tone young lady,”the principal said.

“Principal Franklin as you can see, she is the problem.You've known me since I was a baby,I don't get into fights unless I am provoked,”she said.“And by provoked you mean jealous? Principal Franklin you might not have known me since I was a kid.But I have never caused or started a fight since I set foot in this school,”she said.

      “What was this fight about?”Mr.Franklin asked.Cami was silent.“She attacked my bestfriend this morning and so I was defending her.At lunch break she attacked me.She thought I am the kind of girl whom she can bully around,”Cheryl said.“What?I am a bully? No I am not. Stop throwing accusations my way.Your best friend got me drunk and started kis
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