Chapter 8

        Peach turned around shocked.She was still holding Cheryl's hand.Hermione took a step forward.Until she was very very close to Peach.Staring right into her eyes.“I said let go,”she said this time slowly.Peach let the girl go.“”she struggled to speak.Hermione smiled.“Good! That's the reaction I expected.Its been so long,”she said.Peach took hold of herself.“Well,this is my school.I own it and you can't..”she said as if that would somehow scare her.Hermione looked at her and smiled.“I don't care what you own.Watch yourself about this daughter because if you ever lay a hand on her,I promise you will not like how I handle you”she said and then turned to say hi to Winter and got into the office with her daughter.“Mum,how comes you know her?”Cami asked.Her mum looked frustrated,still in shock.They followed in with Winter's dad joining few minutes later.


        She was pacing up a

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