Chapter 16

             Yvette had gone back to school as soon as Mr.Brickley left.“I think we should just say we have been dating for the past few months and we've been keeping it a secret because of Cami,”she said.Cass looked at her hopelessly.“I don't know,I just don't want him to find out we lied.I can't dis...”he said.She stepped closer to him massaging his shoulders.“My God,relax.You are so tensed up,”she said.“You should be too.You don't know my dad,”he said.Her mind rushed back to the journal at the mayor's study.

     “Can I ask you something,why did you lie to your mum about collapsing the other night?”he asked.“Well,uuumh because you know how parents are.I would just make her worry for nothing,”she said.He turned to face her.“That wasn't nothing,”he said his voice taking a serious note.“It was nothing.I blacked out maybe because the party was hectic,”she said looking away.He shook his head.“Cheryl did you see how concerned your

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