Chapter 46

Cheryl was getting better.She was very stable and awaiting the go-ahead to be discharged by the doctor.She was tired of just sitting in her room.She wanted to go out and take a walk.She stood up slowly and walked to the door.Hopefully her mum wouldn't be around to scold her or stop.She opened the door slowly and was shocked to find three very huge men outside.She was confused."Uuumh excuse me?"she said politely just as Winter arrived."Yes ma'am,"one of the guy said."Who are you?"she asked."We're your bodyguards ma'am.I am Richa..."he was saying."My what?!!"she asked shocked."Whats going on?"Winter asked."I think you have the wrong room maybe,"she said to them."Miss Jones,right?"the bodyguard asked."Yes,"she answered."Then we are in the right place.Your mum hired us to protect you,"he said."Protect me from what exactly?"she asked."Incase of any danger,"he explained."Thats kinda cool,"Winter said smiling.She looked at her sternly.She pulled her inside."You seem to be doing great,"Wint

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