Chapter 47

     One of the bodygusrds opened the door.“Ma'am I think you should read this,”he said handing her the newspaper.On the front page was her photo and the title‘Who Hermione Jones really is’.Hermione stood up.She read through it quickly.This was all Peach.She highlighted how she left town with nothing and came back years later rich and with an illegitimate daughter.The article claimed she had married an old money who died later and she took the money and came back home.The article also highlighted about how Cheryl had on several occasions attacked Cami.This was all Peach.“Whats going on?”Cheryl asked.“Uumh its nothing important.I'll get you discharged hunnie,”she said.Cheryl closed the door.“Mum I asked what the hell is going on,”she insisted.“Its nothing important baby,”she said.“Doesn't seem like it.Look at your face.I wanna know the truth and I wanna know right now,”she said.“The truth about what exactly Cherry?”she asked.“Why we came back to your hometown for start

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