Chapter 49

        “What?”Hermione asked.“Yes.Why didn't you tell me?”he asked.He signalled for the bodyguards to leave.“Tell you what?”she asked.“About Cheryl,”he said.Whole time he didn't stop looking at her straight into her eyes.“What about my daughter?”she asked roughly.“She has hht,”he said.“Yes,so what?”she spat.“Hermione,the girl is sixteen.Exactly how long you've been away.And you know I have hht too,”he said.“What are you trying to say?”she asked taking a step back.“That Cheryl is my child, that's what I am trying to say,”he said sternly while taking a step forward.“What makes you think my child is your daughter?”she asked.“Stop playing dumb.I wanna be part of her life,”he said with finality.“The girl is mine,mine and mine alone Jim Brickley.Whatever nonese...”she was saying.“I don't believe you.She even has a bit of familiarity with Ellie,”he said.“Because they are both my children.They have my looks.I am issuing you with a lawsuit,I want you far away from me and

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