4 years later

Sitting on Matitus lap, I watch Dragus, Silas and Dakari chase around after Darshan and Carly and Claire in the paddock. Darshan chasing after Silas, his silver Dragon chasing and biting at his father’s ankles has he chased after them.

Abbie sits down next to me rubbing her growing baby bump. Matitus kissing my shoulder as we sit in the sun.

“One more please just one more and we will stop hounding you, Abbie is having her third” Matitus says. I shake my head.

“Definitely not” I tell him watching Carly and Darshan play.

“Yeah you need to have another, gotta catch up to me” Says Abbie.

“You would not say that if Carly had a dragon, seriously we have a fire extinguishers in every room because every time you tell him no, he sets our asses on fire” I tell her. Darshan first shifted when he was thr

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Christina Eckley
I absolutely loved this book! Thank you, you are such a wonderful story teller! ...️...️...️...️...️
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M. Cay
Another good one! on to the next
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I have read this probably 4 times..I love all your books but this is by far the best ever
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