Chapter 05

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉 

It's time for the first prey to be sacrificed. 

I took off my bracelet and turn to half a bat and half of my vampiress's face, and disappeared into the thin air.

I got to his house and decided to play some tricks on him, I started changing the light in his sitting room to different colours.

I can see how scary he was, I used my necromancy power to break his plates and anything breakable in his kitchen at least he will die today, even when I finish draining his blood I will still demolish his apartment so as not to leave any traces for investigation.

I flew in and made myself visible for him to see.

"Father lord save your son" he said breathlessly and I laughed hysterically.

"Your life belongs to me and I am here to take what's mine which is your life" I said and he convulsed in fear.

Ohh!!, he's such a scary cat.

"Mr Jackson the greatest playboy of my regime in the human world," I said with the most terrifying voice he has ever heard.

"Please I'm not a playboy I'm impotent" he said with a trembling voice.

"Really? oh! I ought to have known you as an impotent, did you know Tiara?" I asked.

"No, my....auntie..sorry.... She's my.... broth......mmmm...I think I'm going crazy already..... She is my cousin" he stuttered which made me laughed more.

"Scare and worry less little prey, Tiara is your cousin right?, now look at me" I commanded and he looks at me.

"Is Tiara your cousin??" I asked.

"Yes ma, she is" he replied.

😘Jackson p.o.v 😘.

I don't remember offending anyone, why would a monster enter my house, how did it even gain entrance.

Who is she? or is it? she is for the vampiress's face while, it, is for the bat's face.

"One wish, I want my human face!!!" she said and everywhere shook that I had to look down in fear.

"Raise that head up" she commanded and I  raised it slowly.

What the heck!!!.


Oh, mine!!.

I have been meeting with a monster since all this while, no wonder she doesn't use to get tired and I always felt helpless.

"So am I your cousin?" she asked with her normal Tiara's voice.

"No you are not" I  said scarily and tried to stand up from the couch I was.

"Sit back, you are mine and I'm taking you to where you belong" she said.

"Where?, I  belong here, help!!!!!, somebody help!!!" I shouted and she laughed wickedly.

"Should I lend you my voice too?, you can shout from today till tomorrow and forever no one, I  mean, no one will hear your voice" she said and I mourned myself in advance, I know for sure that I'm gone already.

"I don't have the whole night to myself, it's time for the dutiful rite, did you have a wish to make?" she asked.

"I do...I don't..maybe" I kept saying rubbish.

"I'm a princess, an unexpected event happens and I need to sacrifice seven promiscuous people like you, that you must have a taste of any lady you set your eyes on, your downfall is buried in your manhood, congratulations if you can control it, but if you can't, congratulation also, one is better than the other, my mate must survive"

"And you're the first prey!!" she shouted and my apartment began to rotate. 

Before I could say anything, she turned a vampiress and charged towards me, the next thing I felt was a sharp pain on my neck, I felt like my spirit is leaving me, I began to lost my strength little by little before I finally blacked out.





👻Princess Maijat👻.

I sat beside my brother reminiscing all the good times we've spent together, is this how I'm going to lose my brother?, maybe Tiara couldn't found any prey but I don't know why am finding it so hard to believe it was the higher royalty vampire family than fed on him. But who could it be?.

I was still thinking when I felt the presence of Tiara's bat.

"Where is the prey?" I asked and it flew closer to my lifeless brother, it plucked its beak in his ear, making some sounds I couldn't comprehend, after some minutes, it removed its beak, there was a little blood stain on its beak.

My brother moves his hand,  I blinked my eyes repeatedly, did he just moved his hand?. He moved the second one.


 He's coming back to life, I pray Tiara found the preys on time so that my brother will wake up fully.

At least he moved his hands now, there's a hope he would wake up.

Tiara's bat flying out of the room brought me back to reality.

"Thank you so much, Tiara, you are a lifesaver" I said after the bat.


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