Chapter 51

Romeo p.o.v

I woke up and Tiara wasn't on the bed with me, where could she be this early morning? has she gone back to her world? was that why she told me she loves me?  no, it can't be true, I don't want to think like this because the thought alone is giving me a headache.

I went out to check the garage, and her car wasn't there, I'm getting worried already, what's going on? I took my phone and dialled  Sara's number to check if she's there with her, it sounds stupid though, but no one can tell, she might go to Sara's place to visit her, Sara said hasn't seen her, I thanked her and ended the call.

I sat on a couch in the living room thinking of where she could be, it's too early to go to the hotel, but can she be with her brother?. 

The sound of a door that cracked open behind me made me turn, and I saw her with teary eyes, seeing tears in her eyes broke my heart, I stood up and walked up to her.

"Princess, what happen

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