"There is a place beyond your imagination which you never thought will exists. A place built on magic and where magical creatures you could ever think of live and never die. There is a place filled with friendly faces and happy greetings. They never at all contest with each other for whom was more powerful than the other, nor  do they oppose or critical their ruler. The atmosphere is always  electrified with a very pleasant and radiating energy"

"Where is this place Mama? It seems so real with your description. I want to go there? Can you take me?” Little Jake asked, making his mother stop the story.

"If you really wish for it one day you can go there. But you can only find that place in your heart. If you truly believe it exists then you can visit there one day. Can i continue now my dear?" She asked.

"Yes mother, go on" 

"Now the king was a very good man. He always weighed with the responsibility he accepted for others. He was brave on the inside, willing to see his flaws and work to be a better immortal, kinder, more empathic. He was brave on the outside, leading from the front regardless of personal cost. Everyone else had to see him flawless, the polished version to inspire such confidence.

He had a wife whom have been with him for a long time. They loved each other so much to the point that they always wanted to be around each other. But things got worst when another woman named Carlene had lied to the King about seeing this innocent woman jumping from an immortal's bed to the other. He never even asked for the case to be investigated but instead,sentenced this woman he had loved to death. She cried day and night in the dungeon she was kept, hoping that one day her lover will free her and perhaps know that all they had told him were lies.

But that day never came. Instead the day when she would be killed in front of all magical creatures drew near.The day before her death, she had noticed she was carrying a child in her. She did not want anything to happen to her unborn child just because of a silly lie being labeled on her. She could be called a whore but never will she let her own child be killed as well as her. So she took the risk of breaking out in the middle of the night after stealing the keys from the Guard. Luckily they were all asleep when she snuck out. 

"She had made the decision of fleeing to the human world even though she might lose her powers. Her baby's welfare was important at that time and she could do anything to make sure it was safe.

"She took the portal and she finally arrived at the human world. As expected she lost her powers. For days she wondered around the streets, looking for a place to stay and a shelter over her head. Till she met this good man who took her in and took care of both her and her baby. She gave birth to a boy and she lived with this man whom only took her in because of pity.  But now she is stuck in mother earth, not knowing if she should go back to her home again.

"The End"

"But mother, why does this story not have a happy ending?”

"Not all stories have an happy ending Jake"

"But mother, what is the name of the woman in the story?"

"Her name is Ariana. Now go to bed my child, it is clearly night" She had said as she kissed his forehead and switched off the table lamp.

"Why is this story so different?" Little Jake wondered till he fell asleep, not waking up till the next morning.


Till now, he wondered why that story never had an happy ending. He remembered vividly what had happened the next day and that will be a day he would never forget. His mother had left him that day promising she would be back.

But her body was found battered on a lonely road, not knowing what had happened. But there was something different about her body when he had seen her body. It seemed to be frozen. 

He let his mind wonder to the fairytale which his mother had told him. He did not know why but somehow he believed. He believed that there was a place like that as his mother's story.

The emergency service siren comes amid the bright streetlights, jilting Jake out of his thoughts. It seemed they have found out about the illegal party being held.

He ran, feet kissing the land, pounding the tarmac with all the grace of a sack of wet concrete. Perhaps a little while ago he would have balked at idea of running so far and fast into the night,  now he seemed to relish the prospect. His feet were made to travel at speed and as light as the paws of a lioness. Breathing steady, heart strong.

Soon the springing graceful steps of twenty miles earlier had long since disappeared. His rasping throat was as parched as a dead lizard in the desert sun. His head bobbed loosely from side to side with each footfall and his eyes felt heavy in their sockets. Snow was still falling,but not as much as before.

Catching his breath, he made his way towards the direction of his house which was less than a mile away. Having taken some steps, he heard a shrill cry which was coming from close to a dead tree not that far from where he stood.

"What could it be? Maybe a cat?” He wondered as he looked at that direction.

"Maybe it was a cat" he concluded and after that, continued walking.

And then he heard that cry again.

And this time, he felt some force pushing him to go check what was behind that dead tree. He did not know why but it felt something or someone was calling him there.

What is so special behind that tree?

Looking towards where he supposed to be going, he heated a sign and turned left, heading towards that dead tree.

Getting there, he heard a whimper. He looked behind it and there lay a girl.

A beautiful girl.

The most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Her beauty itself was incredible so maybe it was clearly indescribable. Even in the dying cold, she still looked so beautiful. But her clothes looked odd, seemed it was made out of beautiful daisies.

For some reason, his heart went out to her.

And the next moment,  he was off to his house, carrying in his arms this girl whom he had seen just behind a dead tree.

♣Unknown pov ♣

"We did not find her My King" The guard with blonde hair whom stood in front of six guards, possibly the Head said as he bowed to the King.

"She must not have gone far. I still feel her magic in the air. She must be nearer than you think. We had lost her five hundred years ago and now that she is reincarnated, i do not want to lose her. Her powers will be mine and her feathers will be used to decorate every nook and cranny of my crown. Her hair will be used as my pillow every night and her dress will be used as a mat on my doorstep. Either you find her or you replace her. Do not come back till you have found her or else........

The words of the King left a mark on them as the paralyzing hurt, more like fear seemed to spread through their body like icy, liquid metal. You could tell by their clenching of fists as each of them, even the guard hesitantly took each step. 

Their feets were noticed to tremble as the aura the King gave was death itself. Their legs felt as if they twitched, fighting the impulse to whirl around and sprint out of the throne room, out of the Palace; Their throat closed in threat of screaming at their very powerful King who controlled everyone that they did his every bid. Fire in the form of water seemed to stung the nut brown eyes of the blonde Guard, threatening his attack.

But he couldn't.

He could not attack his King.

He would be killed or worse fed to the Electric Snow fish as that was the punishment always given to defiants.

He is their King and for as long as he is, he will be respected. The Guards turned around walking towards the exit of the throne room. They had fear but only one had determination and zeal.

He would find their true heir and bring him back to ascent the throne. He would help the helpless Phoenix whom had been reincarnated after a whole five hundred years. The cause of her death remains a legend. A legend that no one wants to ever forget. It was believed that this legendary bird will bring back the true heir. And there was one who not only respect this legend but was ever willing to keep it true in people's heart for the rest of their lives.

The Guard with the blonde hair.

Sam Gunnigham.


Jake sighed with relief as he saw his house from afar. The house born of an architect's plan lived and breathed upon the rock, foundations perfectly sound, all set to stand for generations to come. He looked at the lady in his arms and smiled.

"We will be home soon and i would take care of you and nurse you back to consciousness" He said as he held her closer. For some reason he felt a weird urge to take care of her, comfort her, protect her. He did not know why but for some reason he wanted to hold her close and never let her go.

He took his eyes away from her unconscious state and stared at his house which was getting closer every second. His house is a kaleidoscope of memories, of photographs adorning the walls, each of them conjuring the emotions of those sweet eternal moments he had with his mother.

It has a bonny door that expresses itself brightly in all seasons, deeper in wintry days and vivid upon the coming of the summer sun. It has large arched windows. Through them light flows through all seasons, gracing the air without favour, illuminating the sweet-toffee browns of the wooden floor.There is always a song in the walls of the house that always seems to raise his spirits in quiet moments, when the wind becomes still air and it sounds as if the world has paused to take a moment to breathe. In those silent words, in the purity of its expression, he found his inner peace and realise that he is home.

Jake reached his house still carrying the unknown lady in his arms. With difficult he reached for his pockets and brought out his keys. Opening it, he stepped inside the dark house, trying to find a switch. Having found one, he put it on.

The house was welcoming from the open door to the wide hallway. Upon the walls were the photographs of his mother, father and his pictures, so obviously so loved and rendered important. The floor was an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep homely browns and the walls were the greens of summer gardens meeting a bold white baseboard. The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, it's grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues. Under the lamp-shine it was nature's art, something that soothed right to the soul.

Jake walked inside the house,taking in the stairs. The stairs gives access to both floors, the stairs sweep ever upwards. It's smooth slightly rounded banister guides you to the top floor. Ahead were twisted in a perfect spiral, like a child's slinky toy pulled from each end. Each stair was likely a deep walnut, but with the thick layer of undisturbed dust it was hard to tell. The inner edge was painted antique cream, and when Saskia disturbed the dust layer the paint was quite perfect underneath; no dirt and no flaking or dents. It was as if it was perfect one day and abandoned the next, just like the rest of the world.

He sighed out of relief after he had reached the door to his room. With immense difficulty, he gained entrance into his room. 

The only place he could find peace in. The place where his childhood memories with his mother always lived. The room is blue with beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew what they were doing. The scene is of the stilt walkers that cruise down the Vancouver streets in the winter festival. The colours are like nothing else, vibrant, strong. No washed out blues and insipid baby colours for this poor kid, whoever he was. And it was a he, all the clothing is for a boy of Jake's age. All new looking and expensive. Beautiful cords and close-knit sweaters. Mere looking at the interior decorations of this beautiful room, you would surely take anything that isn't red. A quick look in the closet gets the victim a rucksack, no good for anything but emergencies; it's every bit as bright as everything else in here.

Jake walked into his room after finding the switch to Illuminate the room. He laid the girl on the bed and made sure she was in a position where she could be comfortable. He made sure all the windows were locked so the room could be in a warm temperature. He walked back to the bed and he didn't know why.

He just stared.

His eyes lingered on her face and then it worked its way through her body. He found an image, more like a tattoo which was on her arm. It looked more like a bird published with blue colour, which had a horn in the middle of its head and a tail of many feathers. Its beak was indescribable and would not really be seen due to the way the colours were outlined. This tattoo reminded him of a story his mother told him.

An all too familiar story.


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