Sam Gunnigham

Summoning up courage, he walked towards the door into the haunted-looking house. 

The overgrown branches covered the door as if it was warning him off, but he had to follow the woman, so he pulled away the branches without a sweat and opened the door. It made a creaking noise like every abandoned house did and then slammed shut behind him. 'It's just the wind' He tried to convince himself. The house had that spooky charm, it was dull and quiet, cobwebs everywhere, chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and that odd knock no one could seem to explain.

A foul stench invaded his nostrils, he looked around to see where the smell was coming from and nearly vomited at the sight, it was a body, a bit of flesh was still there being eaten by the millions of grey rats, or maybe the witch herself. This made him to shiver and shake. What if that was his fate?

The musty smell of a house that had been long abandoned filled his nose. 'This is where the witch lived right?' 'Why does it look so abandoned?' The house was dim and uninviting. The furniture dusty and old, looking as if it would crumble to dust if he touched it. Mould ate away at the walls and flooring, and cobwebs laced the bordered up windows and portraits of self-righteous people who once lived in the house. Suddenly, the floor caved in and he fell down into the darkness of the basement.

Nothing of interest was in the room, only dimly lit candles and trunks of old, moth eaten clothes. He felt as if someone, or something, was watching him, waiting to drag him into the shadows.

The witch.

He instinctively brought out his sword as he looked around. She moved fast he could tell. And then he felt a presence behind his back which made him jolt in surprise.

"I said i would not hurt you boy, i do not eat humans" She said as she floated away from him. That was when she realized.....

She floats.

Why won't she when she had was a witch. 

"Sam Gunnigham i presume?" She said as she turned and looked at him.

"Y..yes ma'am"

"I know a lot about you my dear. I have lived since creation" She said as she flicked her hands, a pot with green goul appearing the moment she did so.

"You lived for that long? But you have been alive for thousands of years, why?"

"I do not know but i am an ancestral witch and i am absolutely sure that i would be gone the moment i witness his coronation"

"Who's coronation?" He asked, still confused at her words.

"The coronation of the Chosen One. I have heard the Phoenix has woken up from her hibernation by reincarnating again. But i have not still found her. She is the only one that could lead to the real King, Our Ice King"

"I know a lot about the myth but i do not know what will happen after he is found"

"He would bring to life the seven kingdoms, ranging from the land of Summer to the land of ice. Everything will be quite normal like it supposed to be"

"I want to find the Phoenix but i do not know how or where"

"There is a possibility she is in the mortal world. I would want to transport you there to find her since she cannot be found here. We need to find her fast because i sense doom  coming. We have to keep her and the King safe so i can finally see death.

"But why haven't you gone to find her?"

"I am just too weak to teleport. My magic is starting to fade and i do not know when i would lose it, but i have enough powers to teleport you to the mortal world"

"If i go will i be able to come back?"

"The Ice King will bring you back, for sure"

"Then i have to go, please send me there" He said as he stood aright.

"Good luck" She said as she murdered meaningless words. Green smoke engulfed him, and just like that, he disappeared.


When emotional pain comes, he let it sit at his kitchen table with him for a little while... just long enough to feel the emotion and gain new perspectives upon it. Then he opens the front door and invite it to leave. This way he is solid, real to himself and others, yet not wallowing but enabled to embrace his future free in a healthy way, reaching forwards with confidence.

He had never felt so alone, so lost... So incapable of doing even the smallest tasks. And this was only the beginning, the beginning of the pain, the suffering and the endless congo line of emotions that were in store for him.

Others would have emotional scars, not Jake Norman, he is still bleeding because his heart is so strong. The thing is, he just need a new bond and he will be fine, he will be as good as new, still independent and strong. Love is as the blood in our veins, it needs to flow.

He could not forget that night.....that one night!

He could not forget how good she felt in his arms, how beautiful she looked and how he wanted so much to always hold her....never let her go. He would not deny he had a lot of plans with her.

He saw the pain in those beautiful eyes. It had sat there for her life time, trapped in the confusion we all carry. He saw love too, the love she would have given were it not for the scars. It's still there. He could still feel it in his baby, and one day, if fate brings them together, he will set her free. He might not be perfect, yet he loves her, and he knows what love means now.

If he could find her he would never let her go. He would hold her so tightly and pamper her so much that she would never want to leave his arms ever again. He knew she suffered what he suffered, he knew she earned for him just the way he yearned for her.

Why did she choose to suffer when she could find happiness.....with him.

He fell asleep that night, finding her did not yield any foot. He did not know she was close by, watching him sleep. He never knew she cried.

Because she was far away from him.


It is not easy being away from your lover. The ache in your heart dies not seem to seize. She want to be with him, she won't deny. But his life matters more to her now. She would not let anyone to happen to him.

He was her mate.

It's strange.

How hollow she felt. . .

It's like those chocolate bunnies people used to buy around the time of Easter.

A sweet shell encapsuling a world of nothing.

She was like that.

She encapsule a world of nothing.

There was a need to touch him, to feel him, to breathe in his alluring scent. She wanted him, she just wanted to be there......right his arms.

She looked at him from his window as he slept. She could not help it. She climbed into the bedroom of her mate. She took in his scent as she moved closer to him. She kept down as she ruffled his hair gently. His hair was so silky.

She looked at his face....So peaceful. She could look at him all day without worrying about a thing. He was beautiful.

So beautiful.

She kissed his head and stand up to leave, but she could not as Jake caught her hand.

Oh no! Had he seen him?

She looked back slowly and sighed in utter relief when she saw her was still asleep.

"Amelia" He whispered as he pulled her to him on the bed. He wrapped his hands around her and sniffed in her scent. She tried to get off his but it was not that easy as Jake was a strong man and the harder the tried, the tighter he held her. She tries her best to get rid of the comfortable feeling but it was of no use. She succumbed to him.

She was here again......right here in his arms. How she did not want to let go. Her eyes close as she slept in the hands of her lover.....her life....her King.

If love can fade, then so can pain, and as long as love exists she would bear the pain, as long as it keeps her mate safe.

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